LiPo Rider Pro

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Power your favorite electronic kit with green energy! The LiPo Rider Pro is a enhancement of LiPo Rider. It can supply higher load output than LiPo Rider. The LiPo Rider Pro board allows you ride the solar wave to run your favorite 5V device. The LiPo Rider Pro board is the ideal green power solution for your outdoor sensor design. Attach the LiPo Rider Pro board to your sensor board and it can run on solar power forever! It can also be used to charge mobile phone.

The LiPo Rider Pro is extremely affordable and easy to use. No programming is required. Plug it in and it works. The internal charger IC handles all the power flow between the various components.

In case solar power is not sufficient, the mini USB port allows you to charge your lithium battery through USB. It can also be used to program your kit without detaching the LiPo Rider Pro board.


  • • ŸŸBattery and Solar panel connector is JST 2.0
  • • ŸŸStable 5V USB power supply regardless of source
  • • ŸCharge/Recharge algorithms built into chip
  • • ŸCharge Lithium Polymer Battery through solar power or USB
  • • ŸStable supply voltage through either lithium battery or USB
  • • ŸŸ2 x USB ports let you program your kit while charging your Lithium battery
  • • ŸŸLED indications for battery full or charging states
  • • Ÿ4 green LED indicates quantity of electricity of lithium battery


  • • ŸSolar input voltage: 4.8V~6.5V
  • • ŸŸCharging Current: 400mA~600mA
  • • ŸMaximum Output Current: 1A
  • • ŸŸBattery input voltage: 4.2V
  • Ÿ• ŸUSB input voltage: 5V
  • Ÿ• ŸUSB output voltage: 5V


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