An unofficial update of Arduino Diecimila – Seeeduino

Arduino is great, so does the team. While enjoying Aduino , we found there are several inconvenices could be improved. People in Arduino forum has some discussions in improving it. Thanks to open source, freshman like us could take gut to try.

Albert and I have spend some time for a new board in fixing the obvious drawbacks and made some improvements. The new board will base on Diecimila, and 100% compatible to its shields, cases, software… You should have no problem adopting it to your current projects. The changes are:

1. Align the header with 2.54mm grid.

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Place an second row of header align to standard grid. So it will be compatible to existing shield and your proto board. Both of the headers will be soldered, or either of them.

2. A jumper to disable auto-reset.

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DIP switches.

3. Possibility for USB HID support.

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We want to use CP2102 instead of FT232, it’s smaller form factor, cheaper and it has a stronger brother F32x & F34x. These USB MCU F32x could be programed to many USB devices easily. Example for HID:

4. Make it flat

We want place a proto board directly onto Arduino… The B-type USB, power jacks are standing in the way.

Alternatives will be mini-USB, ext power pin plug. Moreover, the reset button is moved to the edge of the board, so that we can reset easily while bearing shields.

5. Two extra Analog – ADC6, ADC7

6. 3.3V and 5V switch

7. Full UART pin out

8. Other trival improvement

9. Reorganize the PCB

The v1.0b PCB and Scheme will be released very soon, under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Suggestion sincerely welcomed! It’s not an official version, and we would like to call it Seeeduino^^


September 2008