If a purple LCD is all you want, don’t comment in this blog.

We had posted earlier about the music shield, people were interested in the LCD underneath… The bad news #1 is that we can’t source the very same one, the bad news #2 is that the LCD has this color just for shooting from side so it is not real; but we have a good news:

Let’s make one LCD:

  • that have chromatic programmable color,
  • that have customized display pattern for and only for the open source world,
  • that have the size we  are comfortable with,
  • that have the character/symbol/logo we love,
  • that can tolerate hacking and ideas,
  • … to be added

The basic principle of a LCD is here


Reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal display.

  1. Polarizing filter film with a vertical axis to polarize light as it enters.
  2. Glass substrate with ITO electrodes. The shapes of these electrodes will determine the shapes that will appear when the LCD is turned ON. Vertical ridges etched on the surface are smooth.
  3. Twisted nematic liquid crystal.
  4. Glass substrate with common electrode film (ITO) with horizontal ridges to line up with the horizontal filter.
  5. Polarizing filter film with a horizontal axis to block/pass light.
  6. Reflective surface to send light back to viewer. (In a backlit LCD, this layer is replaced with a light source.)

1-5 is what we have talked with a LCD factory for customization, and 6 is we are going to play with.  Please leave us your ideas to the forum thead, and get some prototype if adopted. ^___^

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6 thoughts on “If a purple LCD is all you want, don’t comment in this blog.

  1. First off I love the fact that Seed Studio can play off the ideas of it’s customers !!! You guys are awesome ! I also would love to see an RGB backlight and SPI/TTL Serial would be great way to turn this into something wonderful!

  2. I was going to make the same comment as Guto — RGB backlight. Maybe even two (or more!) separately controlled channels (opposite sides, or all four corners, etc.).

    If it gets complicated enough, we can just put a microcontroller or PWM controller on an attachable board that takes an SPI/serial interface for talking to it.

    I like the crazy LCD idea… good one, guys.

  3. I vote for an RGB backlight.. nothing that 3 pin PWM can’t switch on to our heart’s desire!

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