“Reflecting The Stars” with 300 RF Bee

Reflecting the Stars is an Interactive Light Installation that will raise awareness and teach prevention techniques for light pollution. Solar powered LED clusters implanted on hundreds of decaying pier posts will illuminate at sunset, twinkling in various patterns, mirroring a lost starry sky. When windmillfactory team approached us for help, we consider it a honor to contribute to the romantic project, and also a good chance to validate our RF Bee running in legion. You may get latest details of this installation from the project page: http://www.thewindmillfactory.com/reflecting_the_stars.html

Sorry if you see RF bee out of stock, we pulled them out for an urgent support of this project, 110 pcs were shipped out as the pioneering batch. The reinforcement is prepared in only 10 days, both remaining 200 team and our depot stock are filled. Thank to our manufacture team!

First pioneering batch arrived NYC, check out the blog of Kontraptionist Engineering, who might be the most experienced RF Bee guru in NYC now. : )


A hundred or so RFbees, courtesy of Seeed Studio. These are actually really nice devices, and are completely open source hardware and software. It’s a Texas Instruments low power radio chip along with an Atmel micro-controller, programmed in the Arduino environment (Compile as for Lilypad ATmega168V), all on one neat, clean, 3.3V package, AND cheaper than a real Arduino (but without USB) Simple programs can be piggybacked on them, making a second micro-controller unnecessary. Any electronics distributors out there? YOU SHOULD STOCK THESE ultra hackable X-Bee clones! Thanks again to Icing Chang and Seeed Studio for providing these for Reflecting The Stars! It wouldn’t be possible without them.

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