Trimming the catalog II

Oh, no… not again! We have to say goodbye to some of our old friends. The 2nd wave of catalog trimming will start soon, and you can find the product list from below sheet. All product listed below will not be re-stocked after sold out.

We are very sorry for all the inconvenience brought, but please understand that we are doing this for better user experience and focus our resources to the most needed spot.

Model Product Name
CNE101A2B 3.5mm right-angle stereo jack w/DPDT switch
COM105A3B Resistor Network 100k OHM 9P 8RES SIP – 5 pcs
COM106A3B Resistor Network 10k OHM 9P 8RES SIP – 5 pcs
COM107A3B Resistor Network 470 OHM 9P 8RES SIP – 5 pcs
COM108A3B Combinable SMT components box
ELB105C5M Electronic brick – Multi Rotary sensor(analog)
ELB116E4P Electronic brick – ADXL330 Acceleration sensor(analog)
ELB118E4P Electronic brick- Lighting Emitting Diode(A/D)
ELB121E4M Electronic brick- Magnetism switch(Digital)
ELB134E3P Electronic brick – Bus Hub
ELB137E3P Electronic brick – ADKey module
ELB139E1P Electronic brick- Rolling ball tilt switch(digital)
ICC101A2B 74HC165 – 8-bit parallel-load shift registers
ICC102A3B PCF8576CT Universal LCD driver for low multiplex rates
ICC106A2B Quad 2-input multiplexer 74HC157
INT103A4O Omnipotent! Super SMD Breakout V1.0_0.5
IRL105A2B Infrared Remote Control Receiver Module
IRL106A2B Infrared Remote Control Receiver Module w/o steel Shield
LED112A2B 1.8mm Yellow LED for push buttons – Axial
LED205A5B PALM size 7-Seg digit LED – RED
LED206C6B 1.5″ 7-Seg digit LED-ultra red
LED401A3B 10W super bright LED – White
LED402A2B Glowing Berries – 12V LED cluster-BLUE
LED403A2B Glowing Berries – 12V LED cluster-GREEN
LED404A2B Glowing Berries – 12V LED cluster-RED
LED406A2B Glowing Berries – 12V LED cluster-YELLOW
LED407A2B Luxeon I Star compatible – 1w Blue
LED408A2B Luxeon I Star compatible – 1w Red
LED412A2B Luxeon III Star compatible – 3w white
MON103B3B Industrial Rubber button with separate LED
PCB010101 Atmex V2 PCB
PCB104A4O Ethernet Shield PCB
PCB106A4O I2C board for 4 chips
PCB107A4O Monofied Sijosae Buffer PCB
PCB108A4O Orbshield PCB
PCB111A4O Seeeduino v1.1 PCB
PCB118A4O Retro Adapter bare PCB
PCB119A4O OpenSource InterFace bare PCB
POW102C1P Lithium Ion polymer Batteries – 1700mAh
POW112D2P 0.5w Solar Panel 55×70
SEN115A2B photo-electric switch
SEN119A2B Roller Ball Tilt Swtich through hole version
SEN131D4B Piezo Polymer Coax Cable- 100mm
STR124C2B ProtoBoard 5cm * 7cm
SWT103A2B Metal core Waterproof mushroom push button
SWT107B3B DPDT Switch Black for Breadboard (10 pcs pack)
SWT118B3B Monome-like all-in-one-but-LED button (WITHOUT LED) – 16 PCs
SWT119B6M OLED Push button 1.10”
TOL101E0B ALL IN ONE components box
TOL103C1B Bamboo Tweezers – anti-static
TOL119B9B AC Power Adapter EU to US Converter Plug Socket

If you think there’s any overkills, please comment this post, thank you.

BTW, those products marked RED will be put into the weekend sale category for half price. The promotion will available only available on 21th and 22th!

1 thought on “Trimming the catalog II

  1. I wasn’t able to find these:

    SWT107B3B DPDT Switch Black for Breadboard (10 pcs pack)

    anywhere else where they were a sensible price. You sell breadboards, why not the slide switches for them?

    I also would have bought 8 way resistor networks (for use with LEDs) but your values were not appropriate for that.

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