Lovely gifts from our freelancer

We just received a nice greetings for Seeed’s Birthday from Visweswara, one of our freelancers from India. It’s a desk calendar printed with Seeed’s products in every page. Nice and functional!




Also, it came along with a delicious birthday cake. Covering with fresh fruits, we like it! Thank you very much, Viswa!!



About Visweswara:

Viswa is one of our best freelancers who wrote a bunch of perfect documentation for Seeed studio. The co-operation with him gave us the ability to provide a better quality of product-documents. For example, Twig – Compass, Frame Series, Bluetooth Bee and Seeeduino ADK are all the good works from him. He wrote the software libraries, demo applications and sometimes the PC or Mobile application wherever necessary. He illustrated most of documents just by using Free Open Software like Gimp, Inkscape, Fritzing,, Arduino IDE, etc. on a GNU/Linux Workstation.


So, how he became our freelancer?


Here’s the story. He applied for the freelancer position through the post we put on the Adafruit website about a year ago. At the beginning, he was voluntary to write a demo for free as a test. It’s about the sample of Motion Frame we sent to him, also along with the eagle design files and other chips datasheet. Guideline of the product document was also included as the document should cover such areas as the basic description and features of the product and a clear usage example with Arduino libraries. Obviously, Viswa did his first job very well, high-quality and timely. The finished document has been posted on the Garden. Of course, Viswa is now working on a paid condition in which work is estimated well in advance, in person-hours, based on the difficulty and contents of the documents.


We are going to expand this co-operation with the freelancers by providing the list of new products, discuss with them at the prototyping stage, and establish better understanding with each other.

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  1. Hi,

    Happy birthday Seeed, although it is too late.

    I am a regular fan of seed. I notice new web face. It’s seem looking better. But one problem is that I cannot browse other accessories and products except “Bundle Sets, Power …” at the left pane.
    Where are the rest? LCD, breakout boards, cables !!!
    I don’t think you will not sell these products anymore. Pls fix ASAP.

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