Seeed Studio Halloween

Halloween is coming! We know some of you did have fun in the Halloween, creating costumes, playing pumpkins and dressing weirdly. So, how about this year? We want to contribute a little bit and make you more “monster-looking” this time.


First, a little blinking button for every purchaser in the next ten days (8th – 17th October)!


You will find either of them in your package as long as you place an order during that time. Take it to the party and have fun!


Second, we create a Seeed Halloween Photo group under our Flickr account and invite you to share your Halloween photos with us. The first 50 Flickr group members who uploaded photos to us will gain a shiny wrist strap with a Pirate Head!


A little rules here to help us processing the shipment.


星星 3 photos are the maximum for a single member and please well named them so that we know you’re the owner.

星星 We want fun photos and funk faces! It doesn’t matter whether they are electronic stuff.

星星 Once you uploaded the photos to (, please send a confirm e-mail to [email protected] titled “Seeed Halloween Photo”, including in the numbers and names of your photos, and your name, address, post code, and contact number.

星星 First come, first serve! We only count the confirm emails.


There’s one more thing. We are also announcing the Seeed Studio Halloween Contest. This is a competition to see who can build the best and coolest Halloween-related stuff. Basically, you can build anything Halloween-related (e.g. costumes, pumpkins, monster masks whatever) that is enhanced with electronics in whatever way you think fit. Here’re the rules:


外星人 You have to document your build with photos or video and provide a part list. It don’t have to be a new project, you can document your past project as well. The good idea never dead!

外星人 Your project must be Halloween-related and embedding electronics though they don’t have to be bought from Seeed Studio.

外星人 Submit your project to [email protected] titled “Halloween Contest” by 10 PM on October 17th, 2011 (GMT +8:00). Include in your email the documentation and a link to the media carrier.


The prizes will be:

One 1st Place: $200 Seeed Studio gift certificate


Two 2nd Place: a Magic Wand



Two 3rd Place: a Monster Mask


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