Where are you, my parcel?

Waiting for a parcel oversea could be a torture. Where are you, my parcel? When will you come to me? You keep imagining the picture that your parcel is waving in tons of parcels somewhere above Pacific. Wait! Won’t it be NOWHERE? Does the parcel get lost?

That worry happens to you and you. Global shipping costs time. In some cases, that won’t be a little. It might take 2~3 days or longer than 2 weeks to arrive. That depends on where your location is and the frequency of flights between you and me.

Mails reflecting such a question arrive us from time to time. They typically look like this:

“I didn’t receive the product whose order number is “Order #34724”.What can I do? The item RT10881xxxxHK does not appear in mail tracking website of Brazil.”

And our usual response is:

“Your parcel might lost during shipping, do you want refund or re-shipping? Please let us know.”

That bases on mutual trust. You must be understanding. And this isn’t the end of the story. We received a letter later that made the story turned to other side:

“Wait! Cancel re-ship! The tracking code (RT10881xxxxHK) appears in mail tracking website of Brazil today (16/11/2011). It must arrive now. Thanks a lot for the attention.”

(—_—)!! So, the story didn’t end as an issue, but a funny story. One of my colleagues put a note to this story: ”Be calm. Things show up from nowhere when you get closer and closer to the edge of losing your patience. ”

I am not encouraging an passive attitude. Just share a story with you guys and say “relax”. (^_^)

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December 2011