More Options on Fusion PCB Service:)

Many of us must really envy it when the fairy waves her magic wand and then a dream comes true.  We want to share that magic with you!  Here in SEEED, your dreams come true as easy as a wink.  How do these dreams come into reality?  Through WISH, the seeds of wishes you submit and plant will be nurtured and turned into the sweet fruits of reality.

We have been paying close attention to your needs, and trying to fulfill them.  As a result, we initiated fusion PCB service in April of 2011.  This service provides PCB manufacturing services for customers with many customized product options, such as quantity, layer, PCB thickness, dimension, color and all that.   

Here at Seeed, we strive to provide satisfactory services for our customers all around the world.  Thus, we love and welcome the feedback from our customers.  From WISH, we noticed that many of our customers  requested adding black as a color for the fusion PCB service.   And we also noticed this kind of demand is increasing.  After going through elaborative evaluation and negotiation with our local PCB fabrication houses, SEEED is now able to add black fusion PCB and 0.6mm fusion PCB into our fusion PCB service.  


Black fusion PCB and 0.6mm fusion PCB are available now.  So to our dear customers, you can now snap up your beautiful black and sexy fusion PCB here.

Many thanks to Errol who brought forth the idea and all others who voted for the idea.  Thank you for making the services versatile and making more products accessible.

This was posted by Errol on April 24, 2012.   And many others seconded Errol’s idea.Last but not the least; do remember that the door of WISH is always open for you.  Just come and post your ideas here, or vote for the ideas put forward by others.  This way, we can take the little spark of your wishes and turn them into reality 🙂

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2 thoughts on “More Options on Fusion PCB Service:)

  1. It’s great to see this option for the PCB service. I’d also love if you would allow some panelization methods which would be very usefull for small boards. I think that V-cut is a low cost method .. perhaps you could negotiate a good price with the factory for allowing V-cut.

    1. Hi Bogdan,
      Thank you so much for your suggestion. As for panelization, here is a blog which introduced some tips for economical penalization.
      In this way, you don’t need to pay extra money but need to cut the boards by yourself. V-cut is only available for mass production. If you need V-cut services in small batch order, you need to pay an extra of $50 for each type of boards. FYI, it’s highly recommended to follow the tips to save more money.
      You can send details of your requirements to [email protected] and get more detailed information.

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