[Letters from Customers] PCB panelization?

Hello, everyone! We are excited to tell you that a brand new column, Letters from Customers, is going to launch here. Any questions about our team are warmly welcome, no matter what kind of wired questions. If you want to know more info about a product, send us a letter. If you have a technical problem to be busted, send us a letter. If you want to praise my colleagues, send us a letter……

As the first blog, here we have a question about panelization to work out.

Last month, we received a letter about panelization, written as:

“I’m interested in your PCB services. Please tell me if you can make panelization.”

We surely can make panelazation! Fusion PCB service is used to be an important part of our customizing service. And panelization is a main way for customs who want to take advantage of this service to save the cost. But there are some rules you need to know.

First, not all sizes can use panelization to save money. It’s only available for sizes like ‘5 cm Max * 5cm Max’, ‘5 cm Max * 10cm Max’, ‘10 cm Max * 10cm Max’, ‘5 cm Max * 15cm Max’, and ‘10 cm Max * 15cm Max’. Second, there should be no more than 5 sub-boards on a whole board to fit the size. And the last, the sub-boards should only be separated by silkscreen, as the picture shows below. Using holes or slots to separate the sub-boards are not permitted.

So above is the answer I collected from my colleague engineers. Is it a satisfying one? Please let me know by make a comment below, thx! Of course, any questions? Send me a letter!

We will select one letter and post a full answer every Friday at noon! To be continued…

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  1. So in short: If you want to put the same design multiple times on a single board, you have to cut them yourself?

    You will get an entire panel with (for example 4) all the boards on it?

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