R-duino-Pi: Bridge Projects and Accessory Ideas Wanted!

Discussion over the relationship of Arduino and Raspberry Pi has never stopped since the release of this credit-card sized single board computer, especially because they are in the same price scale. One of the voice is regarding we have laptop level R-Pi now, why do we still need the MCU level Arduino? We don’t agree with this.

We tend to support the view that Arduino and R-Pi both serve for educational purpose and create or will create a giant change in our life. Arduino provides us with complete hardware control ability to add or cut hardware modules as we like. Meanwhile R-Pi provides us with a much higher level of processing with its integrated function resources. They should have a balance to work together and the combination should be easy and convenient.

That’s why we are throwing this contest, to find projects that play the bridge role between these two excellent creations and accessory items that add fun to the using experience of R-Pi and Arduino.

This contest has two divisions, one aims for turning bridge projects into productions and the other aims for making fun accessories accessible for community members. Check out the details below:

1. Accelerating Bridge Projects via Propagate

If you have brilliant projects that help merging R-Pi and Arduino together, no matter it’s in development stage or only bud stage, do not hesitate to enter this division contest. For winners chosen by us, we will provide Propagate full-set support to escort the bud to a full-blown flower. That means you can totally ignore the financial problems of general hardware development, because we will cover all the expenses generated in this process and still your name will remain on the ultimate product, not to mention return profit after the project into distribution stage.

Propagate is one of the most important services Seeed provides to the community. It modularizes the flow of turning PCB design file into touchable hardware on your hands. For almost two years, Propagate helped a lot of young startups and hobbyists facilitate the process of manufacture and distribution. If you are new to this service, check the Propagate page and manual to know more.

2. Fun Accessories Deliver via WISH

What will happen if your idea is a lovely or funky accessory for R-Pi  instead of a geek PCB? If you think of any product that can be found within the world factory we locate, and if there is any other accessories not available in the market now but you think we should manufacture for you, also tell us in WISH, go ahead and point it out on our WISH page. Please mark out that your WISH is an entry to “R-duino-Pi” contest. If your idea is chosen and we manage to add it to our catalog, for example a mini monitor for R-Pi, we will give away a free unit to you as a reward.

WISH, as its name, is a place where you can make a wish. If your WISH attracts enough attention from other community members or us, we will take action to search or develop the WISH product you want.

This contest is open since the release of this blog to Oct.31th. If you need more detailed information, feel free to add comment or drop a mail to: [email protected]


August 2012