Nixie Module for Arduino

Nowadays more and more people are digging for antique gadgets, because it bears the traces and aesthetics of its time and satisfies people’s nostalgic feelings.

Nixie tube was all the rage during 60s and 80s before it was superseded by LEDs. Are you a Nixie fan? You long to apply Nixie tube into your project but meet many restrictions? Nixie Tube is back! And it’s more accessible and applicable! 

Driven by deep love of classical Nixie tube and to support Arduino library, a Chinese hobbyist Yan Zeyuan designed Nixie Module for Arduino. This module keeps the unique features of Nixie tubes. More importantly, it’s compatible with Arduino and completely open source!

This Nixie module is an all-in-one design, which integrates Nixie tube, ceramic tube basement, gold-plated PCB, RGB background LED, boosted circuit and driver into a small-sized module. The plug sockets also allow for plug-n-play serial connection for customized needs.

Nixie Module for Arduino simplifies the application, especially for Arduino or any other open-source platform. In this way, you can focus on your creative designs and make cool stuff!

As open hardware facilitator, we’ve always tried to make it easier for you to make something, to make cool stuff more accessible to you. As we notice that many people love antique gadgets like Nixie tubes, we will try to bring it to you:) Nixie Module for Aduino will be in stock soon, stay tuned^^

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September 2012