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It was so nice to chat with all of you at Maker Faire New York this weekend.  We loved sharing our products and discussing all of the great ways you’ve used them to create fun and innovative projects.  So in the spirit of Maker Faire, we’ve got a huge launch of new products this week.

Flying Stone Technology has come out with a USB bus powered, 32-bit microprocessor with an LED and an extension I/O pin geared towards Gnuk and NeuG.  They focused on minimalist design to keep it uncluttered and reduce the footprint.  The board is offered in three different versions.  The FST-01 without Enclosure is simply the bare board and best for development or for those who want to create their own enclosure.  The FST-01 with White Enclosure comes with a white case that you assemble and thus, still allows for easy access to the SWD port.  Lastly, there is the FST-01 with Heat Shrink Tube.  It comes with a fixed, clear heat shrink covering, making the SWD port inaccessible.

If you are looking for pure fun and whimsy, look no further than the Nose LED Kit.  This easy-to-assemble kit uses a temperature sensor to turn on or off an LED.  Simply stick the finished product in your nostril, exhale to trigger the sensor, and let the fun begin.  Your nostril will light up with every exhalation.  If you want your nostril to always have a pleasant glow, then you should pick up the Nose LED Kit (Normally On Version).  With the Normally On version your nostril always glows, but the light becomes more intense whenever you exhale.  Pick up one or two kits today and use them to create a truly unique Halloween costume.

Ever wanted to have a party in your shower?  Well now you can with the 3.6V Micro Hydro Generator.  Use the hydro generator to harness your shower’s water pressure and power an LED in your shower head.  Does your pressure fluctuate a tad?  Don’t worry.  The generator uses a voltage stabilizing circuit and a rechargeable battery to provide a constant output voltage and current.  You can’t go wrong going green, utilizing water as your renewable power source.

Last week we touched on all of the new RF Explorer attenuators that we just got in stock.  Now we have a classy, laser-cut, blue acrylic RF Explorer Holder.  This is well-designed and preserves the functionality of the device while providing a hands free environment.  There is plenty of clearance space to connect a USB cable from below or from the sides.  It even includes holes on the bottom, so that it can be secured to a desk or table which comes in handy for displays at Maker Faire or other conventions.

Need to cool a large surface?  Check out our Peltier Plate – 30mm*30mm.  It uses the thermoelectric effect to provide cooling to chips, LEDs, etc.  Plus, it is free of noise, friction, and vibration.  If you are looking for something more compact, we also offer the Peltier Plate in two smaller sizes.

The 12V battery may not be as ubiquitous as the 9V battery, but it’s found in more places than you think, like remotes, watches, calculators, and medical devices.  So we now have a 12V 23A Battery Holder Case to allow you to easily integrate this option into your projects.  It’s a great choice when you need to conserve space but not sacrifice power.

See you next year at Maker Faire New York.  Until next time, keep on making.

(Written by Erin Linke)


October 2012