New Product Post

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks preparing some great new products.  They cover a wide range of interests and will appeal to anyone from beginners to experts.

When we initially came up with the Grove concept, we createdThe Grove -Starter Kit to bring a modular, plug-and-play approach to the open-source hardware space.  It allowed beginners to focus on bringing their ideas to life instead of being bogged down with the minutiae of soldering and assembly.  Now we’re expanding on that concept with the Grove – Starter Kit Plus.  We’ve added some of our more popular modules and a servo, so you’ll be able to stretch your mind, explore, and try new things out.  To top it all off, it comes in an eye catching, green translucent box with a user-friendly manual and stickers.  It’s a must have for prototyping.

Have you ever been out in the field and had your RF Explorer run out of juice?  Now you will never have to experience that again.  Our RF Explorer Replacement Battery is a perfect replacement for the built-in battery that comes with your handheld digital spectrum analyzer.  This lithium-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours, and it’s rechargeable.  Plus, it is very safe and CE certified.  You’ll never need to worry about any adverse effects if you over-charge it, drop it, or experience a short.

Next up is the Mamba – Narrow Band Power Line Communication Shield.  It allows you to take advantage of the existing AC power infrastructure in your house (110/240V, 50/60 Hz) and use it to transfer data.  Simply attach this shield to an Arduino DUO or UNO, upload the sample code, and you’ve implemented a bridge between two nodes.  If you are looking to dabble further in the Power Line Communication field, then you should also check out our Sypder- Narrow Band Power Line Communication Modem or our McLaren – High Speed Power Line Communication Modem.

We have a new addition to our Makeblock family, the Makeblock Robot Gripper.  The gripper is an arm that can be added to your existing robot structure to grip, hold, and/or move objects.  It is made of acrylic and contains a servo to facilitate movement.  If you feel that you need a wider opening, you are in luck.  The gripper is adjustable, and you can increase the opening with other Makeblock parts.

Last but not least, I want to wish those in the U.S. a happy Thanksgiving and much luck on taking advantage of those black Friday deals.

Until next time, keep on making.

(written by Erin Linke)


November 2012