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Happy New Year!  It’s nice to see that we’ve survived the end-of-the-world predictions and are ready to embrace 2013.  Before we delve into all of our great products, I wanted to give a warm shout out to our Marketing team who enjoyed a sun-filled, team building event in Thailand earlier this month.  They are an integral part of the Seeed team and not only perform marketing functions but also help develop great projects and team with designers to create innovative products.


Back row from left to right:  Hao (2), Leslie (3), Nana (5), and Kevin (8) 

Front row from left to right:  Sarah, Lafier, Heidi, Violet, and Rita

We’re kicking off the year in style with a gaggle of gadgets.  Some will help you enhance your current projects and others will point you in a new direction.

Add a touch of style with the Turn On Open Hardware – Metal Push Button With OSH Logo.  This customized latching push button is a great souvenir for your 2012 Open Source Hardware (OSH) journey.  It’s also a great replacement for the ubiquitous On buttons that we see everywhere.  Switch it on, and the logo emits a warm blue light.

Are you making your own arcade game?  Building your own table top video arcade game from scratch is all the rage,and we have the vibrant colored push buttons to get you started.  They come in three great colors:  yellow, pink, and green.  They are easy to press, and they are light weight.

27.5mm Arcade Game Push Button – Yellow

27.5mm Arcade Game Push Button – Pink

33mm Arcade Game Push Button – Green

XMEGA Xprotolabis the first signal oscilloscope thatcan not only scan analog and digital signals simultaneously, but it also functions as an arbitrary waveform generator and a sniffer with breadboard mounting capabilities.It’s been in development for several years, and it is a stable and mature productthat has been featured on Kickstarter and generated a lot of buzz online.  If you’re looking for more use from this compact development board, hack it and take advantage of the built-in graphic OLED display.


Whose workbench doesn’t need a few more tools?  We have several that you’re not going to want to pass up.  The Dial-type Potentiometer is an extra special 10k variable resistor.  We purchased the resistor and the dial knob separately, assembled them together, and calibrated it, so it can be used straight out of the box.  Plus, the knob allows for you to read the resistance directly from the potentiometer without having to hook up an auxiliary multimeter.  We’ve even included a tiny hex wrench in case you need to recalibrate it.  In addition, we have 1 Pin Female-Male Jumper Wire 125mm (50pcs pack)to stock up on and Multicolor Tie Wraps to help tidy up your workspace.

The release of the latest microcontroller in the Arduino series, the Arduino Due, is just around the corner.  The Arduino Due is a souped up version of the original Arduino board.  Based on the 32-bit ARM core microcontroller, the board has 54 digital input/output pins, 12 of which can be used as PWM outputs; 12 analog inputs;4 UARTs; 2 digital to analog (DAC) outputs; a reset button; an erase button; two USB connectors; and so much more.  The Due runs on 3.3V and is compliant with the 1.0 Arduinopinout and all shields that operate at 3.3V.  Don’t wait, pre-order your Arduino Due today!

If you’re more of an Arduino beginner and need a little guidance, we have a great Arduino Starter Kit that includes an Arduino Uno, a 170 page project book, and all of the fixin’s to get started.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the medium and learn how to integrate breadboards, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and such into practical and fun applications.  Think of it as Arduino 101, and the cornerstone of your future in the open source world.

Dangerous Prototypes has expanded their line once again.  They have eleven new laser-cut, acrylic cases in clear which range from 30 mm x 30 mm to 100 mm x 80 mm.  They are a great modern option for housing your boards and amping up the “wow” factor in your display.

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP7043)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP8049)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP9056)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP10062)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP10080)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 30mm Square (DP3030)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 40mm Square (DP4040)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 50mm Square (DP5050)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 60mm Square (DP6060)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 70mm Square (DP7070)

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 80mm Square (DP8080)

Need to connect a Bluetooth device to your computer?  Look no further than our plug and play Bluetooth CSR4.0 USB Dongle.  It is a low energy device that supports Bluetooth voice data and multiple languages and doesn’t conflict with other devices in the same area.  It is a must have tool when programming apps for your Android or controlling your Bluetooth Low Energy Shield.  Check out how to implement a Bluetooth controlled RGB LED via this blog.

Last but not least, we have a Black Aluminum Case of 163 mm x 106 mm x 55 mm to house and protect a hard drive or anything smaller than 160 mm x 95.5 mm x 50.5 mm.  It is easy to assemble and disassemble if you need to access your device.  But because it is made of aluminum, it’s not optimal for anything transmitting or receiving wireless signals.


Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations!


Until next time, keep on making.

(written by Erin Linke)


December 2012