New Product Post

We have three great new products this week, the Wireless Charging Module, the Single Digit 7 Segment SMD Display, and the Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor.  Although they cover different areas of interest, they all have one thing in common, they’re compact.

WirelessCharging Module

The Wireless Charging Module can be used to make your own charging device.  It is 4mm in height with a coil height of 2mm which makes it perfect for tight spaces.  It has a stable output of 5V 600mA which is common for many USB devices and mobile phones.

Single7Segment SMD

If you are familiar with the 7 segment display digital building blocks, we now have a smaller form factor, the Single Digit 7 Segment SMD Display.  The surface mountable seven segments display not only numbers but letters too.  Put several together, and you can make interesting patterns.  Take a look at this clever 7 segment LED matrix on YouTube.

Soil Moisture_03

At first glance, the Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor appears to be a small, vintage microphone, but in fact it’s a highly accurate tool for measuring soil moisture content and temperature.  Each sensor is individually calibrated and is accurate within ±.4°C and ±3% RH.  It comes with a 1m cable, so that it can be inserted several feet into the ground, if necessary, and you needn’t worry about corrosion because the sensor is protected by a copper sintered mesh.  It is perfect for industrial grade or home applications for monitoring the health of your yard and providing invaluable data for maintaining your plants’ optimal health.


Until next time, keep on making.


(written by Erin Linke)


January 2013