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Clio MainBoard

Wearable art, especially LED art, is all the rage.  You can run your e-textile masterpiece with the cutest board around, the Clio Main Board.  The Clio is a flat backed, microcontroller board designed with connecting pads, so you caneasily sewinto your projects.  Using conductive thread, you can connect power supplies, sensors and actuators together and incorporate them into your garment.  Since it is powered via USB or a 3.0 V LiPo battery, don’t limit yourself to just e-textile applications, explore your options with this Arduino compatible board.

 MCBComMCBMini 2

The MCBMini Motor Control System is a scalable and flexible motor control system. 

The MCBMiniCom board serves as a communications board for the MCBMini motor control project. It provides a flexible way to communicate with a stack of MCBMini boards, providing options such as USB, Bluetooth, XBee and TTL level serial. MCBMini has two channels based on H-bridge chips VNH5019A-E from STMicroelectronics and can control a brushed DC motor using PID closed loop control.  It features operating bridge supply voltage of 5.5 V to 24 V with a maximum output current of 30A. 

A single board can control 2 motors, but they can be stacked to increase the number of motors supported.  Configuring and controlling it is a no-brainer with the easy-to-use GUI interface.  A great application the MCBMini and the MCBCom board is the DragonBot Once you see this, you’ll want to pre-order your boards today.


Junior (1)The expEYES Junior is a 4-channel, digital oscilloscope for low voltage conditions (-5 V to +5 V).  At a fraction of the cost of most oscilloscopes, the expEYES Junior is an accurate and affordable open-source option for observing constantly varying signal voltages.  It features a built-in signal generator and CRO, 12-bit analog resolution, and microsecond timing resolution.  It runs on both Windows and Linux operation systems, including the Raspberry Pi development platform.  In addition, it also doubles as a science and electronics tool that can facilitate learning outside of the classroom.  It comes with 50 experiments outlined in the user’s manual, and using Pythonyou can create more.  Or if you think outside the box, take advantage of the open source hardware and software and use expEYES Junior as a development tool.



Last week we had two new ARM Cortex products, the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z development platform and theMINI TV Dongle MK808.  In continuing with that theme, this week we have the CooCox – Cookie NuMicro, an Arduino compatible, open-source ARM development platform.  The NuMicro edition is based on the Nuvoton M0516LBN chip.  It can run up to 50 MHz and has 64KB Flash for programming, 4KB SRAM, 4KB Flash for data memory, 4KB Flash for the bootloader, 2 UARTs, 2 SPIs, and 1 I2CU.  With the flexible CoX Peripheral Interface, you can select between the M0, M3, or M4 MCUs and utilize countlessArduino shields.  The component platform makes it easy to share code, and CooCox provides a full tool kit with debugging probes, Flash programming software, IDE, a code generation tool, and more. 

imetry - 副本


    Also available for order is the iMetry, a portable Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Scintillation Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector System for the iPad.  It is light-weight and extremely sensitive.  It measures radioactive isotopes:  I-131, Cs-134, and Cs-137 and can detect radiation energy in the range of <200 keV ~ 2000<keV*2.  When radiation is detected, the LED will blink red in direct correlation with the amount of energy in the immediate vicinity.  It runs off of a USB power supply, requires an iPad application and connects to the iPad via the headphone\mic mini jack.  It is an essential tool for anyone who works around radiation or anticipates encountering it.RJ4520Adapter

Connecting Grove and Arduino over long distances just got easier with the Grove – RJ45 Adapter.  The RJ45 adapter converts the 4-pin Grove connector, 2 power and 2 signal wires, to an RJ45 connector.  It is a must have for the Grove enthusiast.


Junior (2)

Another cool product for Grove is the Grove – Fingerprint Sensor.  This sensor scans your fingerprint, analyzes it, and compares it against, as many as, 162 stored fingerprints.  It uses a high powered AS601 chip with a built-in fingerprint accelerator and algorithm firmware.  An onboard LED lets you know when scanning is in progress.  It is a nice option for adding security to your project.

As usual, there were a lot of great products to talk about this week.  If you want to check out more, go to our New Products for April Page.  There you can find the items described in this article and a whole lot more.

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