A wonderful workshop held in Marker Carnival in Shanghai which just ended at last weekend. In the workshop, a teacher would help children make a small circuit with Grove Mixer Pack. And so many pretty girls and boys joined.



Most of the children were so interested in mini motor and vibration. Maybe it is because these modules have interesting interaction with us.



There was a smart boy from Australia who got to Mixer once he seen it. All the words on Mixer was easy to understand for him and building a circuit was easy for him. Finally I found that he is a member of Xinchejian which is a Makerspace in China after talking with his mother.



Have you seen the postcards ?They are from last workshop in Chaihuo Maker Space. Creative participants have made some interesting dolls with Mixer and clay. And we turned the photos of them into postcards and gave them to little friends.



Here I really want to share some photos with you, it is about pretty girls attracted by Mixer.