Arduino Wearable: highlights from #hackPHX

It’s hackPHX again! Last time we provided Shieldbot, and hacks on this open source robot platform were beyond our imagination, click here to see the previous event page 🙂

Prototyping embeddable and wearable designs has become simple thanks to Arduino. This time we provide new Arduino-compatible Xadow platform which brings the size down even further and allows you to mix and match components like Bluetooth Low Energy, motors, lights, accelerometers, GPS, NFC and more to make interactive clothes, props, weapons, costumes, etc.

Let’s see the winners and hightlights from this hackathon!

Check out the Winners

Morse Code Earrings

It’s a little out-of-fashion making wrist band, how about combine Xadow with Jewelry?

The Xadow modules are hidden in the necklace and the BLE module converts all ASCII characters sent to Morse code to blink the earrings. It’s stylish and fully-functional!

Over 9000

Over 9000 means an power level alarm when your “power level is over 9000”, which is detected by ultrasonic sensor on it. It’s quite werid function , isn’t it?

This project was chosen for its reflective technology and sleek headmounted unit(even a human face was painted on to the front side), have you noticed?

Xadow Family

Xadow is a though small but perfectly formed Arduino(TM) compatible board series containing several modules. It’s a kit extremely suitable for space-sensitive projects such as wearable devices & arts designs, which have higher request on size, weight and flexible cascade connection. You can find more modules here.

Xadow Family are good choice to make final prototype, it’s small and comes with a series of compatible xadow sensor modules. It’s open souce so if you want to modifiy to create more advanced board, it’s ok. We even provide OPL so you can build your application ASAP and in DFM(Design for manufacturability) way.


February 2014