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New products this week:  New Arrivals

Staff Pick

We updated two of our most favourite products, those product feature for better industry design to help you accelerate your developing peoject and a better user experience while using seeed product!

Open Parts Library-Basic V2

opl basic

A better OPL basic kit we created! We hope this version will increase your experience with your project!

  • Brand new package: specially designed for OPL! It’s made of ESD PVC, which makes OPL 40% lighter and better protected.
  • More economical: the basic kit is 10% cheaper with the most commonly-used components in library.

OPL stands for Open Parts Library, which is a package of 90+ kinds of components. Such components are commonly-used, quality reliable, DFM friendly and have sufficient stock. This little package can greatly increase the efficiency for design reference and supply chain optimization.

For more info, please visit wiki page.

Skeleton Box 3.0

Skeleton Box 10x 10_05

Here comes Skeleton Box 3.0 with three modules:

You can choose modules according to individual requirement.

We suggest a set of Skeleton Box to extend the usage: the middle and big one can be used with cascade connection support.

A typical skeleton box is made up of

  • Epoxy plate frame, which is user-friendly with Grove interface and LED interface
  • Acrylic panel(face), holes reserved can be used to fix different types of boards: Arduino, Seeeduino, Seeeduino Stalker, Rainbowduino and the shields upon them. 2mm Grove holes are also kept for 1×1,1×2,1×3 Grove modules.
  • Acrylic panel(side), you can break the expand holes to connect the RJ45 and the power.

You don’t have to follow the sample assembling instruction, use your imagination build a irregular polygonal shell for your project!

RAPIRO – DIY Model Robot Kit


Do you remember RAPIRO? It’s coming back since the kickstarter!

Now we offer the DIY Model Robot Kit for it. It’s mainly composed of

  • Body parts (30 pieces)
  • Servo motors (12 pieces)
  • Servo control board (Arduino compatible, Pre-programmed)

To get it work, you need another Raspberry Pi and its camera module, you can also customlize your own firmware for servo motor controller. If you are an beginner, please follow the instruction here.

Please find an AC adaptor which can supply it.


SquareWear v2.0 (Wearable Arduino)


SquareWear 2.0 is an open-source, Arduino-based wearable microcontroller board. It is small, low-cost, and provides an all-in-one solution for wearable electronics projects.

It features a color LED, a general-purpose push-button, a buzzer, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, and three MOSFETs to drive high-current load. In addition, it has a built-in rechargeable lithium coin battery. Thought it’s highly integrated, we also suggest our wearable products library.

7.0” Intelligent Display Module – Touchscreen

Intelligent Display Module Touchscreen_01

Born for Crazy engineers. Or you can buy whatever 7″ Android tablet for the same kind of money ^_^.

It features:

  • Powerful DIABLO16 Processor
  • 32Kb of User RAM
  • 65K True to Life Colours
  • 6 banks of 32750 bytes of Flash memory
  • Low-Cost 7″ Display Solution

Damn…. too many features, to overview the full spec here.

Grove instrumentality project


Grove Instrumentality would arise as a result of the Grove – Mixer Pack, resulting in a group of Grove compatible modules designed for first impression of electronic and physical world.

Here we have Mixer, including power, logic, sensors and actuators. Three more grove actuators are introduced this week!

Grove – LED String Light

Grove LED String Light

A LED Driver equipped a 5M RGB LED String Light.

Grove – Electromagnet

Grove Electromagnet

Thanks to Ampere’s law, creating your magnetic field!

Grove – Mini Fan

grove fan

Design for kids, Grove – Mini Fan is a DC motor driver base on AVR microcontroller Atmega168, servo connector are reserved for expand.

USB2AX v3.2a

USB2AX v3.2_02

The USB2AX is a small interface to control Dynamixel servomotors like the AX-12 from a computer. It plugs into a USB port and has a 3-pin Dynamixel connector to be connected to the servos.


It make it possible to build a mechanical arm using a Raspberry Pi (or other SBC).

Black Ethernet Cable – 1 Meter

Black Ethernet Cable

Simple is best, can be used with

  • Raspberry Pi
  • W5200 Ethernet Shield
  • Seeeduino Ethernet
  • Radxa Rock
  • Cubieboard A20
  • Cubietruck Kit
  • BeagleBone Black
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