Thinking in Skeleton: The shell way of Xadow #Wearable

Stage 1: Package

In fact, xadow’s package is a wearable hardware shell.

xadow package1

Even if you only have a stapler, you can still put xadow shell fixed on variety of cloth belt.

.xadow package3xadow package2

Like this, you can easily put it on your wrist.You can also nailed it on your clothes.

xadow package4

You can wear it in any part of your body, as long as the cloth belt is long enough.

xadow package5

Can easily punch, one knock one hole.

Stage 2: Wristband

xadow wristband1 xadow wristband2

Customized shell, the hardware part and the size of the user’s wrist to design, the overall sense is very strong, with 3d print production, quicker. But bad degree of flexibility, if you want to change the hardware part, such as increased or decreased module, the shell may incompatible.

Stage 3: Modular shell

For more flexible to adapt to a variety of usage scenarios, we started trying to design a modular shell.

xadow shell1

Design shell is a long and never-ending thing, although it has been resolved wrist wear flip structure, easy replacement of the shell, charging jack and other needs, but there are a variety of designs to meet the needs of waiting for me to go. At the time of writing this stuff, in fact, my  mind would have been some improvement program to meet the demand, we will continue to improve the escalating ~

xadow shell2 xadow shell3

xadow shell4 xadow shell5 xadow shell6

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