Bounty Hunter

Hi everyone, welcome to our forum. We sincere appreciate that you can come here and show your support to our community for so long. As we have known, there’re so many friends of you who are good at software or hardware and interested in open hardware in this community: you come here to search for solutions and solve problems for others, share knowledge with us. And Seeed can also get feedback from you; both your complaints and compliments become the motivation which courages us to move forward.
There are always lots of unsolved questions or comments for our customers, we deeply apologise for those problems。 There are some reasons, including limited human resource. To take good advantage of our community forum, we open up a new area in the forum for people who could answer those questions and comments, and as an appreciation, we would provide some gifts for these people, who will be known as “Bounty Hunter”.
Bounty Missions 
A new area has been created on the forum which is called “Bounty Hunter”, and in this area, all topics will be posted by the Forum Moderator. The topics usually come from customer questions and comments we can’t solve. All we want is improving interaction and quality of community forum.
bounty hunter

And everyone is welcomed to come and add your comments especially providing answers to solve the problems, to share your knowledge and experiences with the community. After the mission is solved, we will add the related information(link to the original post/users’ blog etc.) to the respective product page.

You are also welcomed to recommend any good questions to us via Feedback: just send us feedback at the title end with Bounty Missions.
bounty hunter2
More is coming 🙂

‘Bigger than bigger’, the bounty hunter area can perform more functions. We will also post some other “missions” such as demos or applications of Seeed products in the “Bounty Missions” area, hoping to see your creative projects and brilliant ideas blossom in the “Bounty Missions” area.

Thank you!

There are no words to express our gratitude for participants. However, we would like to give you some rewards for your active participation in the forum. Hence, every question will be described with its respective rewards in the form of (points/coupon/products etc.).

Enjoy Making, Bounty Hunter 😀

written by Jacket Chen


December 2014