Why UF0?not Arduino Uno!

Do you want to build device but not just prototype by Arduino? Stronger load capability, running bigger project, processing more data, flexible touch buttons set-up. Love Arduino Uno, and then love UF0 – an STM32F0 Cortex-M3, Arduino&Grove Compatible Platform. We do not like talk in a roundabout way, just give a direct comparison firstly. What UF0 aim to do that is do something on your road of realizing your ideas!



Arduino Uno


Arduino Uno VS UF0


Having compared the detailed spec, something advantages must be appeared.

Flexible capacitance touch button Set-up, UF0 integrates 3 touch-buttons, which making you better control your sensors and actuators conveniently, but not extra keypad or slide sender. The three key buttons are not just like the classical android touch key, but also can be free setting for most solutions such as remote control.



Stronger power load capacity, UF0 provides 7~24V input scope of power, which means it can be appropriate for industrial application. meanwhile ,it provides four times load capacity than Arduino Uno as it is up to 10W .it is because of it stronger power that UF0 can drive most peripherals easily like motor shield .

No doubt that UF0 has more powerful processing capacity than Arduino Uno, as it build in ARM Cortex-M3 32bit 48MHZ STM32F051C8T6 ,and Arduino Uno is based on AVR 16MHZ ATmega 328 .The best part is that UF0 is Arduino -like which can be compatible with most shields and Arduino peripherals .

Once you want to run a big project, the storage must be included in your second consideration, the 8KB SRAM and 64KB Flash will eliminate your worry in functionality-expansion and runtime-efficiency. What ‘s more, after a long discussion with Seeed, UF0 integrates Grove interfaces to be compatible with most of 150+grove modules, we have tested the grove starter kit for Arduino by modifying some code ,it succeed.

Which Grove module do you want us to test? Please email us, we can do it for you. More importantly, if you can participate with us, that will be appreciated.


If you have any technical support ,please help to post your voice on the forum ,we can solve it .

All in all, do you have any idea on the name of UF0? It’s UF0 but UFO? The answer is , we call ourselves BestU, the team who want to give their best service to you , and this board is based on STF0 , then the combination is UF0(BestU, STF0)  :)




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