April Contest: Bring Xadow Out of Shadow

Last month, many of our recipe users have received  their Rainbow Cubes during the Recipe Contest. And our Timmy boy (one of the Seeed Core Users, I call him boy because he is only 16 years old XD, how impressive!), he posted a recipe talking about the RGB POCKET BLUETOOTH he has made, really awesome.
However, as a pocket project, he actually made it with Arduino UNO…What !!??
So we recommended him to use Xadow, but he said he has no idea there is such a thing. This inspired us to initiate a contest to collect interesting, creative and excellent recipes made with Xadow to bring it out of shadow this summer, so that more makers get to know that when the project comes with a wearable purpose or space-sensitive design, Xadow might be a good choice for them.
The event will last for about three weeks till the end of April, apply for it through the following steps:
  1. Send your ‘Xadowd’ project proposal to the email [email protected] to illustrate your project details , the needed Xadow parts and most importantly, the feasibility of the project, a proper milestone of the project would be more helpful
  2. You will get an unprecedented discount of 50% of any Xadow products. If you already have the Xadow modules or any Xadow related projects by hand, then congratulations, we reward $30 coupon for each recipe you post.
  3. Gather the Xadow parts and start your project.
  4. Try to finish the project in time, the deadline is April 31th
  5. Start posting your awesome Xadow Project on the Recipe forum and win for another $100! In the end of the contest, the best three recipes will be rewarded with $100 coupon, or something even more excited!
Below I have listed a brief introduction to Xadow as well as some demonstrations for those of you who are not familiar with Xadow:


Xadow is a set of kits which contains several modules, such as Xadow Main Board, Xadow LED, Xadow OLED, Xadow BLE Slave and Xadow barometer etc. It is sensitive and smart, and easy to cascade connection with fine-augmentability. These modules’ features of portability, flexible cascade connection make it suited to such occasions in which have higher request on size and weight. For instance, in wearable equipment and art design. We have used Xadow kits to design a few sets of wearable devices. It is possible that a better design will occur in your mind when you hold the Xadow.


Recipe‘ is a specially-made forum on the Seeed Studio webpage where makers can upload, share their creative ideas and interesting works by describing the detailed making process of their products, which we called as making a ‘recipe’ for it.



April 2015