Phone Contest – 19 Days Left

The time of the #Phone Contest has passed almost a half since it was launched on instructables, during this time, more and more people have participated in the event to share us their fascinating ideas about ‘What A Phone Could Look Like If You Are Making One For Your Own‘. Among them, there are makers, hackers, engineers, designers and artists. We’ve been being impressed by the creative, or even crazy ideas they have showed us.

Some of them explicitly presented us a sketch of the phone that they’ve been thinking in mind – how it looks like and what it is capable of. Some of them kindly shared us the phones they DIYed or hacked. In both way they’ve proved that people are enthusiastic about exploring something new that is beyond the existing phones.

Now let’s have a look at some of the projects we find interesting from the Phone Contest:


Old phone + Arduino = Phonoduino



The image here looks a bit mess,  but this is truly an impressive DIY phone project made with an old Nokia 1100 and an Arduino Mega. The Nokia 1100 acts as a GSM module, and combined with  the Arduino Mega, it is able to send message, make calls, or even further, receive DTMF signal and control anything remotely. So it can be used for home automation, home security and monitoring, bird feeder or anything that the phone use would think of. 

The project actually has got us thinking – Phones are getting smarter, and somehow looks more similar, while more and more people are seeking for a phone that is exactly tailored to their own functional and aesthetic preference. So people keep trying all kinds of ways to DIY a phone that perfectly suits their own needs.  However, we can tell from this Phonoduino project, DIY a phone is not easy. What if, there is a phone, that is designed, not only to be used as a phone, but also to be used to further DIY a phone. Just like a Lego toys, you can either have the one you bought, or break it into pieces and rebuild another toy. How do you think about it?  If you think the same way, follow us at our #rethinkphone page and tell us your ideas about phones.


A magic phone that smells pretty good

A phone that smells pretty good
This DIY phone totally changed the way of the notification of a phone. Rather than using notifications in ways of vibration and ringtone this magic phone has a spray device mounted on the top of the phone, it squirts the mixture of perfume and water, or whatever liquid you pre-loaded in the 3D printed container to to notify the phone user there is an incoming call or messages.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sniff your favorite smell when there is a call?


Don’t let your Creative Ideas slip away! 

The Phone Contest is still ongoing, if you are holding some cool ideas about #rethinkphone, do not let it slip away ! Please do tell us on the Phone Contest to win the grand prizes!

For more info about the Phone Contest, you may go to it’s instructable page,  or visit our Blog about the Phone Contest.


August 2015