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How time flies! It’s weekend again! During this weekend, friends from over the world showed their creative and useful projects which can help your life better, such as “The Ultimate Child Tracker” which can help you find your little child and no more worries on his way home; testing the air quality of your home with a “A Handheld HCHO Detector”; display any sample picture on the I2C_LCD, and teach you how to compile Beaglebone Green Linux kernel. Let’s enjoy the joy of making!

“The Ultimate Child Tracker” contributed by dushu55ed1afa50ec7“I was looking for a simple small device that could track my child (4-year old) whenever I wanted and looked around for some commercial products that were available. “

“A Handheld HCHO Detector” contributed by terryoy55ee8bf8b3d59“In the big cities, there are a lot of new office and home buildings for people to move in. Many of us move in so quickly that we don’t even know if there is harmful gas inside. With this handheld HCHO detector, we can easily check any place if the gas has reach a level that might be harmful to human.”

“Display Picture Or Icon On I2C_LCD” contributed by Joney55eb964ce3ef8“I2C_LCD integrated the picture display function, you can display any sample picture on the I2C_LCD. In use of the Bitmap Converter software we only need a few steps to display the picture you like on the I2C_LCD.”

“How to compile Beaglebone Green Linux kernel” contributed by Kevin-Lee55e40fcc2c73b“BeagleBone Green (BBG) is a joint effort by BeagleBoard.org and Seeed Studio. It is based on the open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black and developed into this differentiated version. If you want to develop BBG linux device driver or build BBG system, This acticle will help you.”

Recipe Contest Sep 2015: ESP8266 & NodeMCU RevisitRecipe活动banner(1)

It has been a year after ESP8266 come out. This WiFi SoC module was widely accepted and the Lua-based NodeMCU firmware also becomes an convenient tool for fast prototyping.

There must be many cool projects build upon it ever since. Now welcome to submit your projects to our Recipe platform and share the recipe to all the makers.

We have prepared big prizes to Up to 10 winners!

Check the event page here.

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