Trick or Treat? We Are Expecting Yours This Halloween!


Only 4 weeks until Halloween. Are you ready to the“Trick or Treat” to SEEED? We would like to enjoy this special Halloween with you this year. Let’s see how we can having fun together!

 Step1: Ideas To Make Your Own Halloween Gear

As we all know, makers love to use some electronic modules like main board, sensors, actuator to create technical internal set. And we are sure it is a great way to use 3D printer to generate your spooky 3D printed Halloween face masks or other costume. So you may not miss out a glowing T-shirt with music, a pumpkin robot loaded with candys, a nose LED kit as costume and so on.

Step 2: Choose Right Modules To Make Your Exclusive Halloween Gear

To help you prepare this Halloween, we are offering 28 products with 5% off and other 16 recommended products for you to make Halloween gear! Check more products here.

Step3: “Trick or Treat” to  SEEED on Halloween!

Thank you to use our modules to create your exclusive Halloween gear this time. It is time to “Trick or Treat”to Seeed on Halloween!

(1) First If You“Trick”,

By Oct. 31st, 2015, EST, Only if you post a message on Facebook or Twitter including your Halloween gear photos and text content “#Trickortreat? #Halloween @SeeedStudio”as the following shown,








(2) Then we will“Treat”?

We would take action on two kinds of“treat”.

  1. $1 gift card per maker who “trick” us on Facebook or Twitter. Please send us a message on Facebook/Twitter or send us your post screen shot by email: (Please use “@” in replace of “#”). We will reply you a $1 gift card.
  2. 5 pieces of $100 gift card for 5 winners who “trick”us on Facebook or Twitter. We will announce it on Nov. 2, 2015(EST).

 Note: All gift cards will expire on Nov.10, 2015(EST).

Wish you enjoy good treat from Seeed this Halloween. If any questions or complaints, please contact us by email: (Please use “@” in replace of “#”).





October 2015