Win a RePhone Kit Create Everyday!


Hi All, with your support, our RePhone campaign on Kickstarter has reached $200,000 stretch goal ,  now the 3G RePhone rewards have been added to the line up, hope you all enjoy it.

And, what’t the Next?

We are planning to adding some  more functions or surface for the next round stretch goal $250,000, we’d like to launch this RePhone contest for you to share your ideas with us.

Campaign Rule:

Describe or sketch out your ideas based on RePhone or design a  RePhone case (there is no limited on materials) on our social platform (Twitter/Facebook/Google+), with tagging @Seeedstudio, you will have a chance to win a RePhone Kit create everyday until Oct. 31st. 23:59 (EST)

Please note: the CAD file of RePhone modules has been uploaded on Thingiverse, please feel free to download it.

About the Winner:

  1. Every day we will pick one winner from participants
  2. We will post winners’ list on our our blog with 24 hours in workday and also send private message to winners .
  3. Each participator will have more than 1 chance to win a RePhone for multiple works
  4. Estimated delivery date for RePhone kits will be December.2015.

About the RePhone:

RePhone Kit, it’s the world’s first open source and modular phone,  you can create it  by yourself in a minute and hack a new way to communicate with things. More about:


Here are some great samples we selected from participates,  please feel free to contact [email protected] to grab your RePhone kit!!

New ReDesign for ‪#‎RePhone‬;
*Main Case
*3 Wireless Accessories
*Controller Case
*Smartwach strip


-Alexander Giordanelli (Winner of Oct.30th)


Here is my idea: a case with a range finder/sensor or magnetic switch incorporated; a sort of support with usb charger incorporated attached to a frame door. An Arduino app installed on the RePhone that will be an ALARM and it will work like this: you go out from home and you place the RePhone on the door frame support and start the alarm app; after 5 sec. the alarm is active and if the door will be opened the alarm is sending a SMS to a predefined number on the app. A camera will be a nice addition to the case to snap a photo of the intruder …
-Catalin Anesia (Winner of Oct.27th)
-Charles Cai (Winner of Oct.26th)

Our beautiful English Springer Spaniel is almost 14 years old (born just after 9/11). He doesn’t see or hear so well. I’d like to monitor his position and his movements (an indicator he’s OK or in trouble) to be able to help him in old age. A #RePhone would be great for this application! Phone is so ubiquitous here in Germany, the way to communicate. #ReThinkPhone

-Mike Barela (Winner of Oct.25th)


turns traffic signs into BLE beacon: broadcasting traffic alerts


-Guido Burger (Winner of Oct.24th)


 I’m thinking in a glove unit/add-on for the RePhone to make it more easy to use:CR6KPMoUYAAiCR1

-Estuardo Ruiz  (Winner of Oct.23th)


How about a bracelet for the elderly that will automatically call a nearby person if a fall is detected for example?

-FrederickVandenbosch (Winner of Oct.22th)


a Smart Cane for elderly people – also fit on umbrella – never get lost 🙂


-Charles Cai (Winner of Oct.21th)


A portable patient monitor with ECG telemetry monitoring for people with cardiovascular disease.

-DigElekro (Winner of Oct.20th)


For the +SeeedStudio#rethinkphone#rephone win a kit contest, I came up with this:
It’s a diy phone that can be converted into a wheeled robot that can be remotely controlled. The camera can be flipped into position and the wheels removed from the back n fitted to the shafts of the motors. There are line and sensors at the bottom of the robot to facilitate autonomous patrolling as a line Follower robot as well. The whole can can be 3d printed and assembled simply. I was unable to use the supplied 3d models from thingverse but hope to solve that another way.


-Inderpreet Singh (Winner of Oct.19th)


What about this system to control your dog, grandfather, grandmother, child, pet,…. I will be nice to check if it works with 3G or GPRS. Find out more here: 


-Juan Rangel (Winner of Oct.18th)


My Bike phone Idea: with GPS, Cam flexible useful for every one. with SOS Function and so in.CRdHaHcWoAAWxeL

-Axel Richter (Winner of Oct.17th)


The kid wants to make a remote control car that classmates can send messages to control it. @‘s came to mind!

-Heidi Housten (Winner of Oct.16th)


Special thanks to a Taiwan maker who 3D printed below white shell for RePhone.



I’ve been planning for this for a very long time, to create a mini-robot that can operate in land, water, and air. This #ReThinkPhone kit is the best way to navigate, locate, and maybe used for discovery. Hope to have one of this to start my invention.

-PREGIE AMOR GARIN (Winner of Oct. 15)


Turn your doll into a Phone




Wearable Bracelet Phone!

-ELTON (Winner of Oct. 14)


Rephone Core with BLE+Touch screen can be the best home automation remote controller.Control everything via BLE!

-Gaurav Mishra  (Winner of Oct. 13)


DIY a owl case!

-Rain Ye



Attach the phone to doorbell and maybe to a pir sensor outside the door. Phone then sends sms message on visits.

-Pekka Harjamäki ‏ ‏(Winner of Oct. 13)


Attach to a rescue St. Bernard for rescue communication to those lost during avalanches. GPS SOS

-mightymightyDR  ‏(Winner of Oct. 12)


October 2015