Recipe Contest Sep 2015: Winner Recipes!

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Recipe Contest Sep 2015: ESP8266 & NodeMCU Revisit!

It has been a year after ESP8266 come out. This WiFi SoC module was widely accepted and the Lua-based NodeMCU firmware also becomes an convenient tool for fast prototyping. There must be many cool projects build upon it ever since. Now welcome to submit your projects to our Recipe platform and share the recipe to all the makers. We have prepared big prizes to Up to 10 winners!

Winner Recipes

People vote for the project winners, recipes which get more votes win. The voting period will be open from Sep 15 to Oct 15. The Top 10 winners will get cool products as prizes including MakeBlock mBot, BeagleBone Green and Particle Photon.

Here are our winner Recipes!

First Prize – mBot

“HydroValve controlled via WiFi” 89 vote(s)55f099d7090aeSecond Prize – BeagleBone Green

 “ESP8266 IoT Energy Monitor” 71 vote(s)561c4d4b537a0

“Control NodeMCU by Spark Photon” 61 vote(s)560a2f2058200

Third Prize – Particle Photon

Missed Call Notifier Using ESP8266 49 vote(s)55da89f131238WiFi Audio Spectrum Analyzer 33 vote(s)560b39b3857a8ESPLux downlight controller 33 vote(s)55e7e61a97a13Find Your Phone 20 vote(s)560211f495b72

Contest Oct.

The Chaihuo Robot Combat tournament is on every Sunday afternoon. People can bring their robots every week to play with others, and they can always improve and upgrade their robot to get a better winning chance in next round.

Chaihuo Robot Combat Tournament! We will choose 3 winners each month and send out presents to you! 🙂5604ee28a73ab (1)

We’ll contact the winners to send prizes to you:)

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