Chic accessory that makes you stand out in a crowd

Recently C.A.T team just launched their Kickstarter project to bring this innovative tech-clutch to the masses.




  • Who is C.A.T

C.A.T, aka Creative Arts & Technology, is a marriage of tech and fashion just like its two founders. Al is an IT Director at a large Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, and he dabbles in innovative tech projects in his spare time. Erin is an IT project manager by day and a shopping addict and purse hoarder after hours.

Fresh off his successfully funded PIXEL V2: LED Art Kickstarter campaign, Al was looking into new LED formats for his next project. He had a rectangular LED matrix that reminded Erin of a classic box clutch. She told him he should make a purse with it, and the collaboration was on. Al utilized the technology behind PIXEL to showcase pixel art on the LED portion of the purse, and they fabricated it out of acrylic because Erin loved the Lucite purses from the 50s and felt the material would be a perfect platform for future innovative variations.

But they couldn’t do it alone. They recruited Keven Lovette, a firmware and iOS developer ; Rebecca Tollen, a marketing and PR specialist; Birtu Belete, founder of Saucepot Publishing, the social media manager, and well known pixel artists from all over the world, like Paul Robertson and Jacob Giordano, to provide the art work.


  • What is C.A.T Clutch?

To survive at a party or social gathering, this pretty acrylic clutch might be your first choice.

Actually, this handsome acrylic clutch is no ordinary bag. It is a walking canvas. It is the ultimate in wearable art. It’s a conversation starter and a must-have accessory, one that expresses your style of the moment with a touch of our app.

The classic clutch design and LED front display, combined with pixel art and a Bluetooth enabled app merge fashion and technology, brigning the past into the future. The bag is assembled by hand from acrylic in a couple of iconic styles – gold glitter, and white and blue marble. The pixel art is inspired by video game graphics of the 1980s.


The C.A.T Clutch mobile app comes pre-loaded with over 20 pixel art animations commissioned from leading pixel artists. To customize your purse, tap the art you like and seconds later it’s lit up on your bag. If you want to display text instead of animation, you can use the C.A.T Scrawl app to create a scrolling banner. The bag also looks stunning sans animation too.


Inside is the C.A.T Clutch is a large mirror that spans the width of the interior. You can further customize your bag by engraving your name across the top of the mirror. There’s an alcove to hold your lipstick or cash and enough storage to fit an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. If your phone’s battery is running low, there is a USB port so you can juice up your cell phone. Every purse will will come with an exclusive C.A.T zippered canvas pouch to store your credit cards, change, and other loose items.

Below is the original promo video that C.A.T released as part of its Kickstarter campaign.

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