Free Online DFM to Get Your Gerber File Reviewed in Seconds


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We are really excited to launch a new tool Online-DFM today!  This tool can help to review your gerber and generate the DFM results in seconds.   Let’s dig a bit deeper about this tool! 🙂

What is Online DFM?

Online DFM is an online tool embedded with Seeed DFM list which will be able to help you identify the potential issues before you place the Fusion PCB/PCBA order.  Besides that, it also allows you to view the Gerber preciously and vividly.  What you see in the gerber viewer will be what you will get in your hand.  All you need to do is upload your Gerber and you will get an instant report.

With a good DFM guideline, you will be able to find the best spot in the manufacturing triangle (Cost, Lead-time, Quality).  The ideal DFM tool can help you identify the items below. This list will be expand as we have more experience and feedback from clients.
1. Rounting
eg. the minimum width of the traces connected to IC power are >6mil
2. Silkscreen
eg. no silkscreen text on the solder pad
3. Footprint
eg.component spacing restriction >7 mil
4. Via holes
eg. all via under BGA should be filled by solder mask
5. Design for Manufacture
eg. use DRC check before finishing the design
6. Design for test
eg. Test vias are exposed

WHY doing this?

You may wonder why we choose to put such effort to do so, here are the reasons.

1. Online DFM is a TIME SAVER!

Fusion PCB and Fusion PCBA have more than 3000 orders each month.  After we go through them one by one, normally 40% of them will be defective.  Some are lacking layers, some are short circuit, some are out of the manufacturing capability, etc.  This 40% order spend extra 1-2 days to modify it.

What if we can help designer to identify major defects of these 40% before generating real order? According to our data analysis, lacking drilling layers causes 31% of the delay. So it is a mutual benefit for both of us to get it delivered on time.

2. Quality assurance

The chart below shows you the analysis of the scattered defects.

Short circuit and Spacing problem rank 2nd and 3rd.   They affect PCB quality.  We hope that the online-DFM will be able to identify most defects, shorten lead-time and enhance board quality.

How to use it?

Step 1. Go to Online-DFM, upload the gerber
Step 2. click Gerber Viewer



Then you are free to check each layer

detailsAlso please pay attention to the top, it will give you the warning of your design, such as lacking drilling file.



Joint Effort with EasyEDA

easyeda LOGO

This feature is made possible by the joint effort with EasyEDA.

EasyEDA is a free, web-based EDA tool that helps designers move from idea to manufactured prototype faster by providing comprehensive data and collaboration tools for electronic design.

Tool Features

  • Powerful PCB Layout and Simulation Capability

Integrated Seeed OPL, save design time by using massive libraries of schematic components, PCB footprints and packages, spice simulation; models etc.

  • All Platforms Supported

Mac, Linux, Windows and Android
3 os

  • Perfect Cloud Development

The web-based tool even allows you use phone or tablet to design and at the same time ensures the project security.

Seeed always tries to lower the barrier of manufacturing.  This is just the beginning.  Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have any suggestion, your opinion will be invaluable for us.


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