Launching Partnership with codebender for Grove Ecosystem and More


In celebration of the upcoming Arduino Day, we are very excited to announce partnership with codebender, an online editor of Arduino IDE for Chrome, Linux and Firefox. With codebender, you can upload, share code and even embed it on your website, blog, or tutorials. It is a great tool of social coding for open source hardware.

To celebrate it, we invite you to share picture/GIF of your Grove project with #seeedcodebender on Twitter before 4th, March(EST) to win both Seeed’ coupon($40 off for over $100 order) and one-month subscription of private account on codebender. We have rewards for 10 community users.

Bringing Grove Ecosystem to codebender

Grove is a modular and ready-to-use tool set. Just like Lego, it takes a building block approach to assemble a project in an easier way compared to breadboard and soldering. All Grove modules are compatible with Arduino language thus it is our initial tool to connect with codebender platform.

We have started to add more Grove libraries and projects on Seeed’s official page on codebender and embed it on our wiki and Recipe pages. The full list will be out in a few weeks. To have a taste, head over to Grove’s wiki and 2 Recipe projects DIY a simple humidifier and Gesture Controlled Pac Man.

How to Use codebender

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  1. Getting Started with codeBender

Setting up codebender is super quick-and-easy: visit the website, create an account, install the plugin, and start coding/uploading! Here is a walk-through of key features on the coding interface.

  1. Find Projects/ libraries on codebender

There are over 500 libraries available on codebender. You can easily upload your personal library or get an official update by admin after getting approval of your request. We found out several official libraries with Seeed’s project requested our users and already update it on our page.

  1. Embed codebender sketch on your Recipe and Instructables

Iry shared this tutorial about showing codebender on Recipe. For Instructables, check out this project with step by step instruction.

  1. Selecting Boards to Upload

In two weeks, we will get all Seeed’s AVR boards on the board list. At the moment, if you are using the following boards, please try to find out its compatibles to upload your sketch.  Seeeduino V4 in compatible with Uno;  Seeeduino GPRS in compatible with  Arduino Leonardo;  Seeeduino Lite in compatible with  Arduino Leonardo, Seeeduino Mega in compatible with Arduino Mega 2560.


Last but not least, don’t hesitate with tweet your project with #seeedcodebender to celebrate with us!!!

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