Smarter Your Pebble Time

Xadow Pebble Time Adapter enables the RePhone(Xadow) modules to talk to the Pebble Time via the Smartstrap interface using One-wire serial protocol which makes it possible to create accessories with electronics built-in to improve the capabilities of the watch itself.  We integrate the tiny and powerful RePhone modules – Xadow GPS v2 and Xadow NFC v2 into Pebble’s existing ecosystem, making your Pebble Time smarter.

Xadow Adapter for Pebble

Meanwhile, Don’t worry about the probably shorten time of your Pebble Time watch, as the RePhone modules is not only charged by an external Xadow battery, but also can be used to charge your Pebble Time for even longer life.

RePhone Strap kit for Pebble Time includes

  • Xadow Pebble Time Adapter & Back Frame * 1
  • Silicone Watch Band with Fit-holes * 1
  • Watch Band Spring Bars *2
  • Silicone Case * 4
  • Xadow Battery 100 mAh * 1
  • Xadow GPS v2 * 1
  • Xadow NFC v2 * 1
  • Rivet 2056 * 20
  • FPC Cable 11 PIN * 12
  • User Guide * 1

RePhone Strap kit for Pebble Time

Assembling your Pebble Time with RePhone Strap kit.

The connections between the module and the adapter are specially designed to be an extendable form so that unexpected connection pull-off may be avoided. And modules  are evenly placed and interconnected with plug-n-play FPC cables at each side of the watch. The charging ports of Pebble Time are still accessible on the back of adapter for daily charges of watch. A schematic diagram of the assembling process of the RePhone Strap Kit for Pebble Time as below .


Then download the Xadow App for Pebble Time from Install the demo APP into your Pebble time and access the GPS information and Tag ID on your Pebble Time.


You can also program the Xadow Adapter by hacking a usb cabe and soldering the wires to the soldering pads according, updating the firmware.

It’s excited to explore the fresh plays and prototypes  when connecting RePhone  Strap kit  with Pebble Time. Come and share your voice via #rephone on TWITTER.


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