All new Grove – Solid State Relay Modules on #newproductsTuesday

Hey Seekers!!!

It’s our 3rd week to release new products on Tuesdays and we are so excited!!! Aren’t you?

So today we will be releasing 4 new Grove – Relay Modules. They will be the Grove – 2-Channel, 4-Channel, 8-Channel Solid State Relays and the Grove – Solid State Relay V2.

The small size of these relays makes them very easy to use and also, they have a short respond time. These Solid-State Relays are completely quiet and have longer life than SPDT Relays. All these 4 relay modules are based on G3MC-202P relays by OMRON and they only support AC devices.

Also, all our Solid State Relay modules come with this cool acrylic case for protection when using AC appliances with the modules.

So, don’t forget to watch this video to have a look at our new Solid State Relay modules.

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