Seeed Fusion Gallery Top Ten Projects – June 2018

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Every month, we’ll draw up a chart of the most popular projects shared on the Seeed Fusion Gallery that featured on the Seeed Studios Facebook and Twitter channels. Only the most interesting, useful, controversial or trendy projects make the cut. The top three sharers have a $50USD coupon waiting for them in their inbox and the next two runner-ups get $20USD!

If we had to summarise this month’s top ten in one word then it would definitely be along the lines of FUN! This party’s jammin’ with MIDI tunes, LED lighting, rocking rovers, and games including drone racing and a modern version of rock, paper, and scissors! Get your nerd jam on and check them out.

Projects shared on the Seeed Fusion Gallery are open source and free for anyone to download, modify or order straight from the Gallery. Click on the links for the Gerber files and more information!

Smart Car Control Board

shared by Alexander Kirillov

Ever wanted to build your own rover? You certainly don’t need to be a rocket (or rover) scientist. Alexander Kirillov and co.’s hackster project has all the details to build your own autonomous GPS and WiFi rover, complete from parts to programming.

While GPS and WiFi won’t help you with any planetary exploration, it will certainly do wonders in your backyard. You can even control this tank via your phone using the Blynk maker app.

In terms of hardware, all you need is a GPS module, control board, NodeMCU breakout board, ultrasonic sensors, battery, a few other bits and bobs, and a readily available chassis, complete with motors and caterpillar tracks.

This Seeed Fusion Gallery entry contains the production files for the rover’s control board, that can be ordered in just a few clicks.

The project is actually not too difficult. Most of the board’s components are through hole and the board uses a lot of generic components that you may have lying around. They’ve deliberately made it easy to reproduce and as cheap as possible.

Double kudos to you guys,

All details can be found in their hackster project page.


shared by WJSaunders7

That’s our ride sorted, but a party is not a party without some kick-ass beats.

This, and the original MicroDRUM it is based on is a MIDI drum module that takes various inputs from e-pads, e-drums/cymbals, drum triggers etc. and produces pretty much any digital sound you like, greatly expanding the versatility of the typical acoustic drumkit.

As you’ve probably guessed, this version uses a Teensy 3.1 or 3.2 board that utilizes the higher clock speed at 96MHz when overclocked. It can also take up to 80 inputs, can be powered externally or via USB, connect to a mini LCD screen, has USB MIDI, multiple I2C buses and more.

Much like the rover above, it is also designed to be soldered with basic tools and skills. The boards are completely through-hole and the components are pretty spaced out for easy handling.

You rock Saunders, thanks for sharing

8-bit R2R DAC for Arduino Nano Breakout Board with 3W Amp and Headphone Jack

shared by Amerrick

Now that we have the rhythm going, it’s time for some 8-bit tunes.

This basic DAC generates simple analog waves from an Arduino board (nano and breakout board used here) and a R2R resistor ladder.

It has a headphone jack with a low pass filter and connects directly to a pre-built PAM8408 amplifier module with a volume control potentiometer.

The simplicity makes this a great beginner’s project and helps students wrap their heads around the concept of analog and digital signals.

There are quite a few SMD components here so Amerrick had these assembled using Seeed’s PCBA service.

Thank you for sharing!

Runner Ups – Not in the top three but honorable mentions nonetheless. 4th and 5th place get a $20USD coupon!

PCB for Delta 5 Lap Timer – 4 node – SMD Components

shared by Joo Trash

Some of you may recognize this piece from an earlier Top Ten. Yes, this is the Delta 5 FPV timer created by Chin Scott and it’s here for another lap, except in an SMD version, complete with badass heatsinks (because it’s way too hot, of course).

Bad jokes aside, the smaller form factor eliminates the need for floating modules precariously hanging on tall headers and substitutes them for heatsinks. An optional voltage meter can also be soldered directly to the board and mechanical holes in the PCB design allows you to fit the Raspberry Pi snuggly underneath.

This is a great contribution to an already hugely popular design. Many variations exist but this has to be our favorite yet. Thank yoo Joo.

Light Jewelry Platform

shared by Maxim

Disco balls? Please. Why not have the lights on party-goers with some LED bling?

These simple 30 x 30mm boards are just large enough to accommodate three surface-mount RGB LEDs controlled by an Atmel Attiny85 MCU and photoresistor, powered by a CR2032 battery.

Maxim’s also been busy working on mark III that has 6 LEDs and a programmer pad. All files on GitHub.


shared by Hasebems

Make some more tunes with Hasebems TouchMIDI32 controller and design the keys however you want.

“TouchMIDI32 is an electric board that outputs MIDI messages via USB when touching a capacitive touch sensor. In this board firmware is already written, so you can utilize it for making your original MIDI controller project by only soldering electrodes. For your information, this product is an improved version that increased the touch sensor number from 10 to 32 while keeping the price unchanged from TouchMIDI currently on sale.”

Check out the video of it in action.

Multi-video Diversity Groundstation

shared by Joo Trash

Another contribution to the FPV community from Joo!

“This PCB is for a  Multi-video Diversity Groundstation for FPV racing events. It uses up to 4 fatshark type receiver modules, such as eachine pro, laforge, fatshark, flying lemon, etc. and it outputs video signal relative to each module,  as BNC type connector.

The idea behind this PCB is to provide an all-in-one and clean solution for FPV video receiver without having a huge amount of video cables to connect the modules and  avoiding crappy 3.5mm jack connectors that usually cause interference.”

Simple Educational Wireless Sensor

shared by Vincenzo

“Simple training circuit with microcontroller (PIC18), sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, light…), wireless communication (nRF24L01 +), lithium battery and a RGB LED”

Full write-up in Italian only at the moment but it’s easily understandable with Google translate.

A great introduction to wireless sensor networks with basic components.

Brain Training While Playing! Play Against PIC! Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

shared by Akiyoshi

More cool gadgets from our good friends in Japan.

As you can see in this video demonstration, this is actually a twist on the traditional rock-paper-scissors game. Instead of randomly choosing a shape and praying to lady luck, in this game you are shown a shape and have to select the corresponding shape to beat it within the time limit. Sound a little too easy? There is also a mode in which you have to purposely lose to win.

It must be good brain training.”


Wideband Pulse Amplitude Modulation – Integration Evaluation Board

shared by Ioan Tudosa

Not entirely sure how it works, but heck, it looks cool.



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Thank you all for sharing!


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