Announcing Seeed’s New Website Going Live on the 18th December!

Dear Seeekers,

Seeed has been working hard on improving our website interface, and after a few months of debugging, today we are extremely excited to share the news that our website has been upgraded and will be live from December 18th!

(The Seeed Fusion service will remain unchanged)

The new platform has a whole new stylish design and extra features. Here are a few highlights that you don’t want to miss:

  • New re-order function for repeat orders;
  • More seamless interface for both mobile and PC platforms;
  • Integrated online tracking for multiple shipments;
  • 2 more shortcuts to add products to the cart and fulfill orders quickly;


Before getting too buzzed, here are some helpful tips:

  • Your existing account will automatically be transferred to the new website. There is no need to register again.
  • You can easily switch to the old version via your “My Account” page:
  1. Coupons – The coupon(s) that have already been attached via the old website will only be visible by switching to the old version, but you can still use them in the new website by copying and pasting the old coupon codes at the checkout page;
  2. Order History – The order history will only display orders placed after 2018; Please switch to the old version to view earlier orders.

The new website was developed in response to your feedback and suggestions. We have managed to blend them into this new platform to give you a more pleasant and user-friendly shopping experience and we hope you will like it.

We take your feedback very seriously. Please do let us know of any suggestions as we migrate to the new website.

Find us via [email protected]

Happy Hacking

Seeed Team

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