No more hassles choosing your manufacturing equipment! Find the right equipment for your laboratory right here!

Hi Seeekers,

Over the past 10 years, Seeed and x.factory (Makerspace owned by Seeed) have work together towards providing the best service for our global maker community whether in hardware innovations, our Fusion PCB & PCB Assembly services or introducing Maker Faire to the Silicon Valley of Hardware Shenzhen, all of which are making small milestones in its field.

And for now, we are taking another step forward, announcing the brand new product range ‘Manufacturing Equipment’ on Bazaar (Seeed’s Online Store). This new category consists of various types of desktop manufacturing equipment that are essential for all, from personal workspace, makerspaces, to providing for the Fablab community is part of our ambition. What’s more, we hope to build stronger connections with our clients and form a community where clients are willing to share their projects or experiences using the machinery. 

Building a Manufacturing Equipment Community

Equipment Categories 

At first, we are launching the most generic and demanding desktop manufacturing equipment for prototyping, as followed:

-Laser Cutters

-3D Printers

-Mechanical Machining

-SMT Machines

With this selection of equipment, you will be capable to handle projects from personal interest all the way up to commercial prototypes. More importantly, being part of the maker community where our ‘crazy’ ideas can meet and collide for more abreast concepts! 

Manufacturing Equipement for anyone!

Where can I find them?

To visit the manufacturing equipment page, you can simply visit the home page of Seeed’s online store (, and scroll down to click the ‘More Categories’ button and find the new category here, or click here.

Handy tips to get to our category!

To build such community, we would need help from all of you, from simply sharing some of the best parts using the equipment to fabricating components and prototypes! Aren’t you excited for what can be generated through these powerful little machines? 

For more information about the manufacturing equipment, please visit our page here or contact us at [email protected]


January 2019