A relay is an electrically operated switch, the relay opens when the two contacts are disconnected, and the relay turns on when the two contacts touch.

We all know what relay is and there are thousands of relay in the market, compatible with different platform and for various purposes. We have recently summarized Seeed’s existing relay modules, all are compatible with Arduino and rasberry Pi, to offer a overall guide to our users.

Currently We have 11 relay modules available in Seeed Bazaar, 5 are Electromechanical relay, 5 are solid state relay, 1 is reed relay.

This guide has specifically explain the principle, advantage and disadvantage of each reply, furthermore, it has also introduced some very interesting function, like control the relay through a sound command.

It is a very useful guide for who want to use relay with Arduino and Rasberry Pi. Check out the new guide here.


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