Introducing TF02 – Mid-range LiDAR Rangefinder

TF02 Lidar is a newly developed product based on the widespread application experience of TF01. It possesses a higher performance and is applicable to more fields. On the basis of preserving multiple advantages from the last generation, TF02 highly upgraded the energy system, product structure, fusion algorithm, and shell material to achieve 22m detecting range and offer a more stable output result.

TF02, a single-point ranging LiDAR, can work steadily in strong ambient light outdoors. Due to its IP65 protection and tough shell, it can adapt to bad condition in multiple application scenarios. It has been successfully applied to plant protection drones of terrain following, material level measurement, tower crane warning, parking space detection and other fields. Based on TF02, TF02-C has been updated to be used in feed tank with a dust-resistance function. TF02-C can clean up dust automatically, reducing cleaning costs and preventing product from dust. Therefore, this product has built a good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mass Productive Price, High Performance
  • Solid-State LiDAR for Long Product Life
  • Detection Range up to 22m
  • High Frame Range up to 100Hz
  • IP65 Protection: Dust Proof and Water Resistance
  • Compact Design for Intergradation
  • Wide Operation Temperature -10 ºC~60 ºC

Autonomous Driving for Robotics Cars

Benewake produce smart sensors for future, but you can choose to install them NOW.

LiDAR is considered by most vehicle manufacturers to be an essential part of autonomous car. Benewake TF02, as a cost-effective LiDAR sensor, offers great performance for robots.

Collision avoidance system uses LiDAR and other sensors to constantly monitor closing speeds between your vehicle and the moving vehicles around it. If the system determines that a collision is likely, it can help you apply the ideal level of braking. The centimeter-level accuracy and narrow FOV can keep the vehicle at a safe distance, and reduce the false alarm rate in the meantime.

The high frame rate (100 times/per sec) feature enables TF02 to recognize the potential hazard forward and backward faster than rotating LiDAR, especially in dark environment. Vehicles can get longer reaction time to notice the collision mitigation system to take further actions.

Compared with other sensing solutions, such as camera or radar sensors, LiDAR can provide best range and angular resolution, especially in the darkness.

How TF02 Get Ready for Robotics

  • Pure Solid-State Structure
  • High Detection Frame Rate
  • IP65 Enclosure Rate, Compact Size
  • Photobiological Safety
  • Mass Productive Price
Drones Application

Drones Application – Obstacle Avoidance, Altitude Holding and Terrain Following

Obstacle avoidance/Aided landing/Fixed-point jettisoning

Installed in different positions of drone, can provide the distance from ground or obstacles in real time. Therefore, the drone could adjust its altitude to achieve different goals.

Intelligent Traffic System (ITS): Traffic Data Collection

How to Get Ready for ITS

  • Solid-state Design for 24/7 Operation
  • IP65 Enclosure Rate, Compact Size
  • Photobiological Safety
  • Outdoor Operation Temperature -10 ºC~60 ºC
  • Advanced Algorithm for Vehicle Counting
Industrial Security and Level Sensor

Industrial Security and Level Sensor

Increasing road safety, construction site safety and mining safety

Industrial Security

For industrial security, TF02 can be used for Tower Crane Safety Warning, Perimeter Security and Industrial Measurement.

Installed on the side of crane lifting hook, TF02 can detect the distance to the ground or building downwards in real time. When the detection range is shorter than the safety distance, a collision alarm can be triggered immediately.

Level Sensor

High frequency detection (1000 times / per sec) makes LiDAR perfect for small bin’s level monitoring and auto-refilling. Narrow FOV provides more accuracy result. LiDAR can also measure the level in milk tank. ToF (time of flight) LiDAR is more stable and reliable in industrial environment.  Detection result accuracy is not affected by industrial noise and electromagnetic interference. LiDAR as level sensor integrated over the conveyor band, can measure the volume of the goods like powder or coal, then adjust the band speed based on the height of the goods.


May 2019