Seeed Awarded as Microsoft Intelligent Edge Partner and Azure IoT PnP Partners

Seeed was awarded as Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge Partner and Azure IoT PnP Partner during the FY19 Partner Appreciation Dinner hosted at Hilton Shekou, Shenzhen on July 25th, 2019.

Shuyang Zhou (third on the right in the photos below), Director of Strategic Partnership at Seeed was attending the event and received the awards from Microsoft.

Receiving Intelligent Edge Partner Award, Shuyang is the 3rd on the right (Photo Credit: Microsoft)
Receiving Azure IoT PnP Partner Award, Shuyang is the 3rd on the right (Photo Credit: Microsoft)

The awards showed Microsoft’s recognition of Seeed’s efforts and commitment in the field of IoT industrial applications. As mentioned by Microsoft, Seeed was among the first to be certified by Microsoft Plug & Play (PnP) with our product SenseCAP, an ultra-low-power wide-area sensor network solution for precision farming, smart agriculture, and environmental monitoring, etc. You can see all Microsoft PnP certified products here.

SenseCAP featured at the presentation given at the FY19 Partner Appreciation Dinner

Since the establishment of the global strategic partnership between Seeed and Microsoft in 2016, we have been cooperating in developing many products and kits for software developers to work with hardware with ease. Just to name a few, there are Grove Starter Kit for Azure IoT Edge, Grove Kit for Win10 IoT Core & Azure Platform, Grove IoT Developer Kit – Microsoft Azure Edition and Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit.

With its commitment to empowering industries, Microsoft provides Azure industry solutions to help industries to innovate, make data-driven decisions and increase efficiency. In agriculture, Seeed has cooperated with Microsoft in developing FarmBeats, an AI, Edge and IoT platform for farmers to increase farm productivity and reduce costs.

Zerina Kapetanovic, FarmBeats hardware researcher, checks the FarmBeats ground sensors at Dancing Crow Farm. (Photo Credit: Michael Victor)

We are happy and humbled to receive the awards from Microsoft. With our team at Seeed, Microsoft and other partners, we will strive to serve industries with better products and services! We are looking forward to bringing transformation to industries such as agriculture!

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