Brand New Addition to the W600 Family: Wio Lite W600 – #NewproductsTuesday

It’s new products Tuesday! Today, two new members join the W600 Family: Wio Lite W600  and Grove Shield for Wio Lite.

W600 Series

Previously, we have already released the W600 Module and Grove – W600. Seeed W600 Module itself is the most cost-effective Arm-based 2.4GHz Wi-Fi module based on the W600 chip, which features ARM®  Cortex-M3 with 1MB on-chip flash and freeRTOS kernel. It is precertified with CE/FCC and supports 802.11 b/g/n. We also provide a full Arduino W600 library including demos for Ap/Station/Ap-Station/Transparent Transmission/TCP, etc.

What’s more, for Arduino users, both W600 module and Grove – W600 have breakouts that allow users to connect with different sensors. This means Grove – W600 can be used to connect as a normal Grove module to a Microcontroller board for Wi-Fi (Slave Mode), it can also be used standalone as an MCU itself (Master Mode). For more information about these two products, please check here.

Wio Lite W600

Wio Lite W600

Wio Lite W600 is a cost-effective Arduino compatible board with the W600 Wi-Fi module. The Wio Lite W600 is based on a 32-bit Atmel® | SMART™ SAM D21 ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller and the W600 WiFi core is a 2.4GHz WiFi module featuring an ARM Cortex-M3. Since the Wio Lite W600 uses SAM D21 (the same chip used in Arduino Zero) as its Arduino Core, in theory, it is fully compatible with Arduino zero. 

We’ve broken out the SAM D21 pins, the I/O level of this board is 3.3V. There are 6 analog pins and 14 digital pins, and also one UART, one I2C, one ICSP port. You can power this board with 5V USB Type C and 3.5V~4.2V LiPo battery.

Pinouts of Wio Lite W600

Pinouts of Wio Lite W600


  • Arduino Zero Compatible/ Adafruit Feather Compatible
  • 2.4GHz onboard WiFi module supports 802.11 b/g/n
  • Support 200+ Grove modules
  • Cost-effective

Grove Shield for Wio Lite

Grove Shield for Wio Lite

This Shield can break out the processor pins of Wio Lite (for instance, it is SAM D21 for Wio Lite W600) into the form of a header and Grove connectors. There are 4 Grove digital connectors and 4 Grove analog connectors, a Grove UART port, and a Grove I2C port. As you can see, a switch is there for input power selection. If you use USB to power your Wio Lite board, then select the 5V mode, and if you use the liPo battery, please select the 3.3V.

So, let’s also take a look at the hardware of Grove shield for Wio Lite:

Pinouts of Grove Shield for Wio Lite
Weather App using Wio Lite W600

So that is for this week’s product release. Hope you guys like it! Stay tuned for more products that will be released in the future!

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