Making@Seeed: A First Step to becoming a Maker.

Hello Makers! 

As it’s just turning into October, we love to share with you some of the latest happenings at Chaihuo x.factory, the maker space powered by Seeed as the new entry for our Making at Seeed Column today. In case you forget what this column is about, it’s a column recording the making stories happened at Seeed, to celebrate and embrace our making & tinkering DNA of Seeed.

Seeing that we are working in a space filled with people (members in residency, check out our membership details here if you’re interested) making stuff, we thought, why not let us all be “makers” and actually make a mini project. Surely we can do it since it is part of our job after all.

beautiful lights diy project
Coding some colourful LED lights

And so, all of us at Chaihuo x.factory embarked on our Grove Project using components of Seeed Studio’s Grove Beginner Kit. The theme chosen was “Time”, and for the past few weeks we have all started making our own personal project from scratch. The Grove Beginner Kit is very easy for beginners to pick up, and a lot of information is available on the Seeed Studio’s Wiki as well. For all of you reading this who have always wanted to build something by yourself but have always found the hardware and software daunting, this is the kit for you to start with.

laser cutting wood
Wood laser cutting

With most of us with little to no technical background, things were not easy at the start but along these few weeks, we have learnt how to code, how to solder, how to use the different equipment in our workspace etc. We are all beginner makers now too!

3Dprint diy project
3D printed coconut-like structure

Do look out for more updates on our projects over the next few weeks as well. Some of them are pretty cool so be sure not to miss them! Let’s stay tuned.

spray paint diy
One of our colleagues spray painting
Structural design used for wood-cutting

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