Sonoff WiFi Wireless Switch, Build your Smart Home from $5

Ever thought of turning your home into an IoT smart home but it’s seemingly too expensive? With Sonoff smart wireless switch, home automation only costs $5! It’s a WiFi smart switch that allows for the above features, allowing you to control any electrical appliances with just an app. It works with Google, Alexa, and Amazon’s assistant as well!

Here at Seeed, we’ve recently released a series of Sonoff products ranging from the sonoff basic (as seen above), sonoff mini to the 4ch, etc. now instock!

Want to know more about this release? This blog will walk you through:

  • Sonoff Switches releasing at Seeed
  • Sonoff Switch Guide
  • Summary; Comparative table

Sonoff Switches

1. Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch: The Entry Level Pick

First time using the Sunoff Switch? Or just want to have a feel of what it’s capable of? The above two models are for you.

The sunoff basic line is one of the most flexible and inexpensive devices from the entire product range, making it extremely popular. It transmits data to a cloud platform through the Wifi Router, enabling users to remotely control all connected appliances via the app. The server is Amazon AWS global server.

What’s the difference? Basicr2 vs Basicr3

The Sunoff Basicr3 includes an additional DIY mode, with the ability to push Tasmota or AFE Firmware via OTA, providing API access to this device. Apart from they are identical.

And yes, despite the additional feature, Basicr3 is still priced the same as the BasicR2!

Interested to know more about the Sunoff Basic? Head to our product page here!

Fear of damaging it with water? Get the Sunoff Basic Wi-Fi Wireless Switch Kit instead

If you’re looking to use the Sunoff Basic outdoors, we recommend this kit which includes an IP66 rated waterproof box as shown above. This case allows you to use it in an underwater environment!

It comes with a sunoff basic as well!

Interested to know more about this kit? Head to our product page here!

2. Sonoff RFR2/RFR3 Wi-Fi Smart Switch: An additional RF Control

Unlike the BasicR3, the RFR2 and RFR3 contain a built-in 433.92MHz RF receiver module, allowing it to be controlled by the RM 433 remote controller.

What’s special about this added controller?

It allows you to choose the control way you preferred, by simply setting a timer to let your devices switch on/off automatically at a pre-set time through a day.

What’s different about RFR2 and RFR3?

The RFR3 includes an additional DIY mode, with the ability to push Tasmota or AFE Firmware via OTA, providing API access to this device.

And yes, it’s still priced the same as the RFR2 at $7.20!

Interested to know more about the RFR3? Head to our product page here!

3. Sonoff Mini: A smaller switch with 2-way capabilities

The Sunoff Mini offers a small form factor that can be used for different kinds of switch boxes, even the smallest EU one.

Does it lose functionality due to its smaller form factor?

No, despite the smaller form factor, it still matches the Basic and RFR product lines, capable of your LAN control, Voice control, and even DIY mode!

What’s unique:

It works with an external switch; Equipped with a wire used to connect the rocker light switch, the Mini can be installed in your switch

Two-way control; Connect a pair of 2-way switches to turn on/off the downstairs light from upstairs

Interested to know more about the Sunoff Mini? Head to our product page here!

4. Sonoff Dual WiFi Smart Switch: 2 Sonoff Basic in 1

The Sonoff Dual provides dual independent control over your appliances. This means you can control two appliances with only a single switch!

Be it connecting a Lamp with a kettle or your laundry machine with a rice cooker, it can all be done with this!

1 Sonoff Dual = 2 Sonoff Basic

The Sonoff Dual shares the same features as the Sonoff Basic apart from having a higher max current and power specifications as it’s now powering two appliances

Interested to know more about the Sonoff Dual? Head to our product page here!

5. Sonoff Pow r2: Smart WiFi Switch with Accurate Energy Monitoring Capabilities

The Sonoff Pow R2 is your standard Sonoff Wifi switch that’s capable of what the previous ones couldn’t; monitor home energy usage.

Key applications:

  • Monitor Energy Usage; Keep track of live power, current, and voltage of your appliances all on the same app
  • Historical Energy Consumption; 100-day/monthly energy usage data and total electricity cost
  • Overload Protection; Able to set power, current, and voltage threshold values, allowing for appliances to auto-off
  • Period power usage measurement; You can measure your appliances’ power consumption for a specified time

Want to save on electricity bills? Consider getting one!

The ability to track and schedule your appliances to power on and off at a defined time helps save power usage and overall electricity costs

Interested to know more about the Sonoff Pow R2?Head to our product page here!

6. Sonoff iFan03: Easily control your ceiling fan, light with this

Ever felt that it’s too difficult to control your ceiling fan as it’s being hung on the top? With the Sonoff iFan03, you can easily control it with the RM433 controller, your phone, and even your voice!

What’s different?

  • All controls available through the eWeLink app
  • Able to choose between 3 adjustable fan speeds on the included RM433 controller
  • Scenes feature in the app allows for control over one or multiple Sonoff devices, quickly and simultaneously with a single tap

Interested to know more about the Sonoff iFan03? Head to our product page here!

7. Sonoff TH16: WiFi Smart Switch with Accurate Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Capabilities

Ever felt the need to monitor real-time temperature and humidity in ensuring you come home to your desired room temperature?

The Sonoff TH16 paired with its sensors are able to observe and adjust it to your liking, all controlled with the same app!

  • Suitable sensors: Si7021, AM2301, DS18B20, DHT11

Some of the possible TH16 applications:

  • Pre-heating your coffee maker, making it ready to go when you enter your kitchen in the morning
  • Automatically turning on your humidifier if your humidity level in your house falls lower than 25 deg
  • Automatically turning on the heater when the temperature falls under your desired degree

Interested to know more about the Sonoff TH16? Head to our product page here!

8. Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 WiFi Smart Switch: The ultimate switch

Want to control 4 appliances via a single WiFi Smart Switch? The Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 does the job. However, unlike the Sonoff Dual, it’s not just a Sonoff Basic with 4 compatible devices

Key Advantages/Differencs over the dual/basic:

  • Turn on/off 4 appliances remotely
  • Support switching among 3 working modes; interlock/self-locking/inching mode, and both supports to set 1-16s delay in inching mode
    • Works like a pulse switch
  • Able to create 8 enabled sing/repeat/countdown timers to turn on/off at the specified time automatically

Interested to know more about the Sonoff 4CH Pro R2? Head to our product page here!

9. Sonoff S26: WiFi Smart Plug

Ever wished that you wouldn’t have to manually plug your electrical appliances for power? Or hope that your phone doesn’t overcharge? The S26 WiFi Smart plug is the solution you’re looking for.

How does it work?

It works similarly to other Sunoff switches, utilizing remote control, voice control, and a smart timer that help you achieve the ultimate convenience and energy saving.

All you need is to follow the steps below and you’re good to go:

Some of the possible S26 applications:

  • Auto running your coffee maker every morning; when you get up, your coffee is ready
  • Auto turning on the water heater when you’re on your way home
  • Protect your phone from overcharging

Interested to know more about the Sonoff S26? Head to our product page here!

Sunoff Switch Guide: Getting Started

I’ll be using the sonoff basic as an illustration of how it works:

Regular Circuit:

What happens when sonoff WiFi switch is being applied:

The connection is firstly cut and you place the sonoff switch in the middle:

Using the Sonoff Wifi Switch:

Using the Sonoff Wifi Switch only requires two steps:

  1. Hooking up the Sonoff with your electrical appliance
  2. Installing the eWeLink app for pairing with your smartphone

Hooking up with the Sonoff is fairly simple:

  • On the left side:
    • Connect active and neutral wires accordingly to the pinout
  • On the right side:
    • Active and neutral wires come out

Installing eWeLink:

eWeLink App:

Install the app with the following links:

  1. Open the app and create an account
  2. Power up your Sonoff device and connect your desired appliance
  3. Press and hold the Sonoff button for 5 seconds, till LED green starts blinking
  4. Press the next button on the app
  5. Enter your network credentials and choose a name for your device
  6. Add it to your dashboard

Refresh dashboard and ta-dah!


The Sonoff products provides convenience, accessibility, and Wifi communication like no other. Its app support, compatibility with commonly known voice assistants makes it far ahead of its competition. The wide variety of product range ensures that there’ll be the one which fit your need as well.

With that, here’s the comparative table to summarise everything:

Product NameFeaturesInput VoltageMax CurrentMax PowerFrequency
Basicr21 channel wireless switch90~250VAC10A2200W2.4GHz
Basicr31 channel wireless switch, DIY mode90~250VAC10A2200W2.4GHz
RFR21 Channel 433 RF Wireless Switch90~250VAC10A2200W2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
RFR31 Channel 433 RF Wireless Switch,DIY mode90~250VAC10A2200W2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
Mini2-way Control, small, DIY mode100~240VAC10A2200W2.4GHz
DualRemote Control 2 Devices
Powr2Monitor Real-time Power Consumption100~240VAC15A3500W2.4GHz
iFan03For Ceiling Fan and Light control100~240VAC2A(Fan)/3A(light)480/660W2.4GHz
TH16Temperature and Humidity sensing capable
Work with DS18B20 or Si7021 Temperature Sensor
4CH Pro R24 Gang WiFi & RF / 3 Working Model90~250VAC/5~24VDC10A/Gang2200W/Gang2.4GHz, 433MHz RF
S26Wi-Fi Smart Plug90~250VAC10A2200W2.4GHz

Start building your smart home now! All the above Sonoff products are available for order now!

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