Brand new updated images of Ubuntu 19.10 for Raspberry Pi

Recently, Canonical has announced that it will provide official support for the Raspberry Pi 4. However, there was a kernel bug with the Raspberry Pi 4 where the Ubuntu 19.10 only offers official support for the Raspberry Pi 1GB and 2GB versions.

With the new updated images of Ubuntu, Galem Kayo the product manager said,

With the new images, USB ports are now fully functional out of the box on the 4GB RAM version of the Raspberry Pi 4. A kernel bug was limiting our official support to the 1GB and 2GB versions of the board. A temporary workaround was proposed to enable USB on the 4GB RAM version. This bug is now fixed, and the limitation lifted.

– Galem Kayo

That being said, users with the Raspberry Pi 4 4GB can now enjoy official support for Ubuntu 19.10. With the Ubuntu 19.10 available now for Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, it opens up new doors for hobbyists and experienced engineers. For example, users can explore edge computing, Kubernetes clusters and many more with the Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi 4.

You can download the new updated images here:

Ubuntu 19.10 will be supported for 9 months. After that users can opt for Ubuntu 20.04 which will be scheduled for 23rd April 2020 for 5 years Long Term Support (LTS).

Coming Up

In addition, for the Raspberry Pi, users can keep a lookout for Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu Core which is coming up next in the near future.

Next, we will deliver Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi boards. We’re working with the Raspberry Pi foundation to have an officially supported image of Ubuntu available at every new release of a Raspberry Pi board. We will make developers’ favorite operating system always available on makers’ favorite single-board computer.

– Canonical

For more information and updates, you can check out Ubuntu blog and forum and community.


December 2019