5G Home Router: 5G M.2 PCIe Module Will Be Released Soon at Seeed Bazaar Online Shop

We are working with Quectel to bring the latest 5G PCIe M.2 module. The module will be released soon at Seeed online shop!

With the onboard M.2 PCIe port and SIM card slot on the ODYSSEY – X86J4105, you are able to build your own 5G router easily at home!

As you can tell we replaced the blue color of the re_computer case with a grey one. Let us know what other colors you are looking forward to your case on our forum and discuss it with us.

ODYSSEY is a series of SBC (Single Board Computer), allowing you to build Edge Computing applications with ease. Just simply connect to a mouse, keyboard and a monitor with the Odyssey -X86J4105, you will get a powerful Mini PC that can run Windows and Linux OS onboard.

Feel free to let us know what tests, tutorials, and resources you want to know more about Odyssey X86J4105. We will keep updating more content around this amazing board. Stay tuned and we look forward to all of your suggestions!

Want to find out more about the Odyssey X86J4105? You can take a look at Onboard Interfaces of Odyssey X86J4105 and see how powerful it is.

Note: We will keep updating all resources for ODYSSEY X86J4105 on the blog of Resource Roundup for ODYSSEY – X86J4105: A Windows 10 Mini PC also Supports Linux OS to help you get more familiar with this brand new mini PC. Stay tuned:)

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