After the launch of the Raspberry Pi, USB-C has appeared more and more in open source hardware, which means that it seems that a wave of replacing USB-micro-B is approaching, I summarized several advantages to discuss together.

Wio Terminal
Seeeduino XIAO

some new products from Seeed is switching from USB-micro to USB-C

Easy to embed into the housing

Higher current passing capacity

USB-C connector has 2 group of power pins which means that it allows greater current 

More durable

USB-C is Much sturdier. The holding tangs are on the inside, so they don’t get snagged as easy and the center tab is centered so it doesn’t get pushed aside.

Easy to use, everyone will have more and more USB-C cables

Laptops and mobile devices, Android phones, GoPro, etc. have been equipped with USB-C interface, which means that each of us is likely to have at least one USB-C cable

But at the same time, there are some costs

The size is a little bit bigger than micro-B


PCB circuit is a little bit complicated than micro-B

USB-C circuit

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