Arduino Course: Arduino for Beginners with Grove is LIVE on Udemy and Tech Explorations

We’ve been thinking about how to make learning Arduino easier for students and how to make teaching electronics easier for teachers.

Now we invite you to join the journey of Arduino and electronics together with our Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino and Dr.Peter Dalmaris in his new course: Arduino for Beginners with Grove

Over the past 10 years, we have developed and grown the Grove system. Grove eliminates the breadboard, jumper, and soldering. In 2020, we released brand new Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino: all the sensors, OLED, actuators, and controllers are integrated on a single PCB and they are all prewired. That’s truly an innovator in the classroom! No more time spent on checking loose or incorrect wiring, students and teachers can focus on Arduino programming.

Arduino for Beginners with Grove by Peter Dalmaris

Dr.Peter Dalmaris, Chief Tech Explorer, have helped over 60,000 people from around the world to be better Makers. 

Peter Dalmaris is an educator, electrical engineer, electronics hobbyist, and Maker. He is the creator of online video courses on DIY electronics and the author of three technical books, and has recently released his book Maker Education Revolution.  

As a Chief Tech Explorer since 2013 at Tech Explorations, the company he founded in Sydney, Australia, Peter’s mission is to explore technology and help educate the world. 

Tech Explorations offers educational courses and Bootcamps for electronics hobbyists, STEM students, and STEM teachers.

A life-long learner, Peter’s core skill is in explaining difficult concepts through online courses by videos and texts. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Peter has developed a simple yet comprehensive style in teaching that students from all around the world for electronics courses. 

Peter’s current online courses have helped over 60,000 people from around the world to be better Makers. Meet him at Tech Explorations.

What will you learn from the course of Arduino for Beginners with Grove?

This course will introduce you to the Arduino by teaching you how to use all of the hardware that comes with the innovative Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino.

As a result, in this course, you will not need to do any wiring to use any of the components on the Grove Beginner Kit printed circuit board. This will save you a lot of time without affecting the quality of your learning.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

You will learn by completing a series of mini-projects. Each mini-project is small enough so that you can complete it in a single session.

Most mini-projects guide you through a series of improvements so that you can gently learn new knowledge based on the knowledge that you gained in previous steps.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn how to use the Arduino.
  • STEM teachers looking for classroom-friendly teaching resources and hardware.

What does the course include?

This ensures that there will be no gaps in knowledge and no frustration.

  • Arduino for Beginners with Grove.
  • Over 65 video lectures in 15 sections
  • Downloadable sketches for all experiments
  • Learn to create graphics and text, and use onboard sensors and actuators through numerous mini-projects.
  • 3 practice projects that you can use as templates for your own projects
  • Lifetime access

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Also find the course on Udemy

Arduino for Beginners with Grove
The perfect course for beginners who want to learn electronics and programming without worrying about wires.

Schools and Educational Institutions Trust Us

These schools and educational institutions are using the Grove Beginner Kit in their classroom. We will update more feedbacks, stay tuned with us 🙂

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Hope you all enjoy the course and feel free to let us know any other courses you want to learn with Dr.Peter Dalmaris and Seeed together. Find us on Twitter @seeedstudio and Forum!


September 2020