Share your Project and Win $50 and an IoT Development Board

Over the years, we have seen no shortage of interest from hobbyists and established developers to reach out to the community and make their designs available on Seeed’s online platform, the Seeed Bazaar. In response, we released the Seeed Marketplace, where anyone can sell their product on Seeed alongside similar products for like-minded audiences.

To help creators evaluate the market, gauge interest in their product and fuel momentum, we are offering to promote prospective projects of Seeed Fusion users on all our social media outlets. All you have to do is submit your project details to us and if we think it’s a match, we will share it with our blog and newsletter audience, 44.3k followers on Facebook and 44.7k followers on Twitter. Afterward, we will help you make sense of the feedback and prepare for the next steps. At the same time, submit your project for a chance to win $50 off Seeed Fusion PCBA service and one of a choice of two IoT boards of your choosing. Don’t let this opportunity pass.

Event Details:

Period: Now until the end of the year.

Requirements: Have previously used Seeed Fusion PCBA to produce the product.

Procedure: Submit your project details via the form, including project name, description, images and details on the order experience (web platform, customer service if applicable, etc.).

Click and fill the form:

*We whole-heartedly respect the privacy and IP of customers. We will not ask you for design documents that are not required for the manufacturing process.

After submission, a project manager will get in touch to confirm the result. If successful, we’ll send you a $50 PCBA coupon and your choice of either a LoRa-E5 mini (STM32WLE5JC) Dev Board ($19.90) or Wio RP2040 mini Dev Board ($12.95). Then we will work with you to share the project with tens of thousands of engineers, makers and enterprises on our social media outlets and help you evaluate the feedback and performance. We can then encourage and support you in taking the next step and making the product available to the masses via the Seeed Marketplace. With Seeed Marketplace, Seeed handles all manufacturing, order processing and shipping, and for 2021 only, there is absolutely no commission for the service – all profits go to you.

Working together with Seeed Fusion and utilizing Seeed’s resources, your innovations will gain quality, targeted exposure and you will gain access to invaluable market insight not attainable elsewhere. Get your foot in the door and test the waters with Seeed today and share your innovations with the world.

About Seeed:

Since 2008, Seeed has served the global developer community with open-source technology and agile manufacturing services. Seeed’s mission statement is to make hardware more accessible and to lower the threshold to hardware innovation. Since then, Seeed has developed a wealth of resources, trusted technology and distributors around the world.

From free PCB Design for Manufacture review, free PCBA Design for Assembly review and free functional testing for one piece, Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly service is committed to providing convenient, affordable but feature-rich one-stop manufacturing services whether you are prototyping or moving onto mass production.

Our ongoing Power-Up PCBA series of sponsorships and giveaways, covering popular products such as Raspberry Pi Pico, Compute Module 4 and Lora technology are also live. Find out more now!

We are always trying to improve the PCBA service we deliver to our customers:

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