Graphical Programming for TinyML, the easiest way to start with embedded machine learning

Thanks to the TinyML, a subset of machine learning that employs optimization techniques to reduce the computational space and power required by machine learning models, Edge AI is fitting artificial intelligence applications into smaller and less powerful computers, even ultra-low-power microcontrollers, such as Seeed’s Wio Terminal.

But when we hear about machine learning, it’s easy to give up on it because it requires deep technical knowledge and complex processes. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a graphical programming tool called Codecraft that supports TinyML.

Embedded machine learning becomes much easier and accessible to beginners when using Codecraft graphical programming.

Simple drag-and drop blocks, acquiring data, training, and deploying models are, Codecraft will bring you a more vivid machine learning experience than ever.

Whether you are only at the stage of transforming hardware into a smarter device, but don’t know how to execute them with comprehensive coding, or you came up with the idea, but lack the developing skills with a practical way to implement and accelerate your next IoT projects, you will find this Graphical Programming platform to be one of the best learning and training resource for of your TinyML journey.

Click the image below to learn more, or click here to jump to the Codecraft online programming platform.

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