Microsoft AI: Discover AI Nose Tech Minute and AI Lab with Benjamin Cabé

Microsoft AI is bringing us the latest Tech Minute and AI Lab series introducing Benjamin’s Cabe’s Artificial Nose background, AI knowledge and present the project to help you get started, realize and unlock new AI possibilities with interesting stories and useful tools. 

The Tech Minutes is a series of videos highlighting innovative Microsoft technologies that people can start implementing today. In this Tech Minute, Benjamin walks us through how he built his Artificial Nose and how others can get started with ML through this project even if they don’t have ML/AI background. 

You will learn all about Benjamin’s project inspiration story, simulate the AI nose by selecting an item to simulate the presence of a specific smell, and see how the AI system would detect it

Thanks to  Benjamin Cabé, now you can follow up the most comprehensive tutorial to build your AI-powered artificial nose that can sort coffee from tea, or identify whatever else you train it to smell. The Artificial Nose is powered by the Wio Terminal, Grove Multichannel gas sensor, and a TinyML neural network-based free online tool Edge Impulse.

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Connect Artificial Nose to Azure IoT Central 

Since the Wio Terminal is an Azure certified device, not only can the artificial nose sense and tag the scents you want to know in the air, but everything can be analyzed and visualized in real-time through Azure IoT Central. Furthermore, there are endless possibilities for extending the capabilities of the nose, with over 300 Grove modules that are compatible with the Wio Terminal.

More importantly, you can automatically trigger rules when, for example, a bad smell is being detected, therefore allowing the nose to be much smarter than if it were just a standalone, offline, device.

Connecting the Artificial Nose to Azure IoT Central

More about Microsoft AI

Microsoft AI aims at the vision to help every organization in every industry turn meaningful innovation into actionable results. Microsoft AI offers AI lab where you can explore the most popular projects and experiments that demonstrating the possibilities of AI to help you realize and unlock new applications and ideas. 


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About Wio Terminal 

Wio Terminal is an ATSAMD51-based microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN. Instead of being a single embedded functional module attached with an LCD and different modules, Wio Terminal is all-in-one equipped with Screen + Development Board + Input/Output Interface + Nice Enclosure, making it an efficient and Ready to use the device. 

The variety of over 300 Grove modules ecosystem made by Seeed is ready to meet your different needs. This IoT kit will also help you identify your business or industry components that can be improved with IoT. Explore and develop more possibilities combining SAMD51 MCU and Azure IoT together with the ongoing software development of Wio Terminal and the community 

Find out continuously updated Resource Roundup for Wio Terminal: Tutorials, Reviews, and Projects from Community

Why TinyML

Machine Learning can be easy and tiny. TinyML is a field of study in Machine Learning and Embedded Systems that explores machine learning on small, low-powered microcontrollers, enabling secure, low-latency, low-power and low-bandwidth machine learning inferencing on edge devices.

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